Kratom Addiction Treatment

November 7, 2020

Kratom is a drug obtained from tropical regions of the world. It comes in the form of leaves, whether fresh or dried, that users chew or even brew in tea. It is also available in powder and tablet form and sometimes in solid form as dietary or even nutritional supplements worldwide. The effect of kratom is similar to those of heroin and morphine. However, doctors use kratom as a treatment for opioid addiction. In the long run, it can become addictive and lead to relapse.

The effect of kratom differs from high to low dosage. In the case of low dosage, Kratom Guys can give an energizing effect. At high dosages, it can provide pain-relief and also work as a sleep-inducing agent. It has the effect of euphoria, calmness, and a sense of wellbeing. The person becomes highly talkative, and there is an increase in the social behavior of the individual.

The physical effects include sleepiness, increased libido, increased energy, dry mouth, constipation, pain relief, increased urination, and loss of appetite, nausea, sweating, and many other related effects. Apart from this, the psychological impact includes increased alertness, motivation, and psychosis.

Symptoms of kratom addiction

The drug’s symptoms include experiencing an urge for the use of the drug, keeping a constant supply of the substance, spending money on its purchase, wanting the regular use of the essence, engaging in risky behaviors, and using the drug despite the problems associated with the drug.

Apart from the above symptoms, it also depends on the feeling of an individual using the substance, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, requiring a large dosage to achieve the same product, and overlooking the physical hazards related to the drug. Some signs that can tell you that an individual has a drug addiction include a change in mood, change in behavior, change in social activities, low school or work experience, change in physical appearance, health issues like fatigue, lack of energy, and chronic illnesses and also the faulty financial aspect.

The withdrawal symptoms include mood swings, nausea, anxiety, pains, running nose, jerky movement, weakness, hallucination, etc.

The treatment methods available

  • Detoxification: it is a safe and quick process to help an individual stop taking a particular drug. For this, you will first have to get yourself evaluated regarding the amount of the specific substance in your bloodstream through a simple test. After that, stabilization includes the experience of withdrawal symptoms, which requires you to use a sense. It is here that medication is sometimes needed. Then comes the pre-treatment stage, which involves the start of an addiction treatment program.
  • Therapy: here are various treatments available at rehab centers in Denver, specifically designed for patients suffering from substance abuse. These get conducted by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. There are different therapies available for other cases. However, you can also go for treatment with the help of your family and friends. Behavioral therapy is the most popular therapy in this regard; used in inpatient drug rehab in Jackson, MS, which refers to all kinds of treatment to help you identify and change your attitude and behavior.

    It primarily aims to change self-destructive attitudes, which can lead to drug abuse. It is the therapist’s role, which is essential in this regard for limiting the use of the drug and preventing relapse. It is in the first week and month of treatment that the therapy is at an intense stage. With time the medicines become less frequent and less severe.

  • Medication: studies have revealed that the best medicines for kratom addiction still need more research. Lofexidine and dihydrocodeine are the usual medicines used to treat opioid withdrawal. Usually, anti-inflammatory drugs got used for treating individuals with kratom addiction.
  • Reducing the risk of relapse: the treatment program also includes reducing relapse risk because they are highly prevalent in these individuals. It includes changing your thought, developing a positive self-image, avoiding places, people, and things that may revert you to the previous situation, setting goals for your life, practicing self-care. You must develop healthy living habits, getting sleep, and exercise regularly for the best results. It can help to reduce the risk of relapse in these individuals.

In light of the above-given points, you must know that kratom addiction is a recent phenomenon that has become highly popular worldwide. It is essential to gather an insight into the problem to help your near and dear ones to treat the situation. The treatment methods vary in their effect and also their financial dimension. So you will have to choose the one that suits your pocket and is also useful in your case. 

Finances are an integral part of the therapy program, which you can hardly overlook. However, you should try to opt for a long term treatment program to ensure no relapse. Moral support from the family members also plays a crucial role in helping the patient get out of addiction. 



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