Six Unique Garden Ideas You Need To Try

November 14, 2020

Gardening is a lot of fun and there is plenty that you can get out of just the regular kind. If you want to take your hobby to the next level, though, there are lots of things you can try out. You can take a look at the ideas presented here if planting flowers in your garden has become rather stale. They will give you fresh perspectives on what gardening can be with enough creativity. 

These ideas are quite versatile, as well. They can include different directions for expanding your garden and where you can do gardening. They even talk about what you can surround it with and how you choose your plants based on your purpose. Below are a few unique garden ideas you need to try: these suggestions should help inject life into your passion for gardening and plants.

Vertical Gardening

The concept of vertical farming has been bouncing around the gossip track for years now. If you have heard of it and how it works, the concept is the same as vertical gardening. That is to say, instead of spreading your plants and flowers horizontally, you will let it creep towards the sky. As for how you are going to do this, there are several options to choose from.

The most straightforward of them is to use shelves — lots and lots of shelves — for placing flower pots and planters. The second option is to hang the plants and use crawlers as your primary greens to grow. You could also go with vines and set up a nice trellis framework to guide them according to your design. 

Micro Gardening

Another interesting gardening idea is to stick with micro everything when you are making your choices. The idea is to go small, which includes the plants, flowers, vegetables, succulents, and the pots and planters they come in. You will want to do this for several reasons, the first of which is that it can help you save a lot of space. 

The second reason has to do with resources since smaller plants require less water and fertilizer or mulch. The final reason, which is what would typically come to mind first, is the aesthetics. Micro plants look quite cute and the blooms can be exquisite, as well. They are perfect for smaller areas and tiny rooms such as apartments or dorms. 

Floating Garden

Assuming that you have access to a pond or a lake, try making a floating garden. This generally involves building a platform with empty water bottles underneath. If not that, then modular floaters like what jet ski floating docks typically use can work. It is important that the platform will be able to handle the weight of the plants and pots too. 

Once the platform has been built, you can start placing puts of flowers, succulents, and more on it. You could go for other plants, but you should stick with the smaller, lighter varieties first. This will help keep the platform afloat and not tip it over. If you have the time, you could also add some slots to hold the pots more securely on the platform. 

Gazebo Grill

You have heard about those food and beverage establishments that classify themselves as gardens and grill, right? Well, the idea is pretty much the same but this time, you are going to make it for your personal needs. It is going to be smaller, but more to the point, it is going to be more fitting to the theme. 

To start with, you are going to be surrounding yourself with ingredients, spices, flavorings, and aromatics in small quantities. Think garden herbs, seeds, cherry tomatoes, chives, spring onions, and the like. You will then plant these around the area where you will be grilling and eating with your friends and family.

Unique Planters

Flower pots and tray planters are so yesterday, with so many other options being more sustainable and environmentally responsible. Take a carton of milk, for example, which is typically thrown away after it is empty. You can slice it in half and then use that as a planter instead!

The same goes for many other items and equipment that you might otherwise throw away when they become useless. Watering cans, cooking pots and pans, large soda or water bottles, and many more. With so many products and containers being disposed of on a regular basis, you have a near-endless supply of planters. Not only will you save money, but you will also save the planet. 

Themed Gardening

There is a lot to be said about gardens that do not have a rigid structure since it gives you freedom. You can plant whatever you want, place flowers in any arrangement you prefer, and care for them as you please. On that note, having guidelines does not have to mean that you will get bored. In fact, when you do theme gardens, it can be so much fun that it’s almost ridiculous.

Going with the desert route, for example, you can have a garden that is only populated with varieties of succulents. You could also go with a Janeapse garden theme or a seasonal one like Spring or Summer. By changing things up in this manner, gardening never gets boring. If you are a consummate social media user, they would be great for photos and posts, as well.


Ordinary gardening is a lot of fun, but after a while, it does tend to get a little boring and repetitive. Many avid gardeners do not see an issue with this, but there are those who crave excitement when pruning or watering. 

To that end, you will enjoy taking the different approaches when gardening if you consider the options that we’ve listed here. You will get a fresh perspective on the hobby, and your passion for gardening will not dissipate any time soon. 

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