Four Reasons Your House Smells Terrible

November 18, 2020

Does your house smell really bad? Like, really, really bad — so bad that you have almost bought the entire stock of air fresheners from the local store! Do not feel too embarrassed if this is the case; it happens to most homeowners at some point. Now and then, circumstances arise that make your house smell horrible. Thankfully, this smell will pass after you figure out what is causing it. 

To be clear, I am talking about smells that are lingering for more than a day or so. Your house can smell bad for a day and then be fine, because you took the bin out! So, let us look at these four reasons your house smells terrible:

Gone Off Food

This is perhaps the most common reason for bad smells in the home. We have all been there; you forget to throw something out and it stays in the fridge for a few days. The whole kitchen reeks and the smell drifts up to the other rooms in your house. Always check your fridge and cupboards to be sure food is thrown out after its use-by date. You will probably have to put the bins outside if it smells super bad as well!

Dead Animals

Not the nicest thing to consider, but it happens far too often in many homes. Typically, rodents or birds are the animals that die in your home. They sneak in through gaps in the walls or roof and end up getting stuck. As a result, they die and decompose, leaving a horrible smell. A rodent or pest bird control service should be able to help you locate and dispose of the animal. They can also put preventative measures in place to stop other pests from sneaking into your house. You will know if this is the cause of your smell, because it is a very distinct odor and there will be flies buzzing around. 

Dodgy Drains

The drains in your house can also provide awful smells. This usually happens when there is a blockage or a problem with the sewer system. Call a plumber to inspect your drains and solve the problem. Throw some bleach down after and the smell should subside. It is easy to know if this is your issue as the smell is strongest in the bathroom or kitchen around the drains. 

Poor Ventilation

Finally, the terrible smell in your home could be…well…you! Okay, that sounds really harsh, and it is not meant as an insult. Human beings obviously create lots of smells as we go about our daily lives. If all of the windows in your house are closed, where will all these smells go? They linger in your home and cause it to smell bad. So, open your windows and ventilate your home to let the air cycle in and out. 

I hope you can get to the bottom of your bad smell after reading this article. In most cases, one of these things will be the culprit. I definitely think gone off food and dodgy drains are the two most common reasons for bad smells. If yo ha’ve surveyed your house and none of these things seems to be the problem, it could be down to something outside your home. For instance, the local sewers are playing up and causing a terrible smell that feels like it’s inside your home.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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