5 Secret Ways Which Can Make You Save More at Ikea

November 22, 2020

Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, offers a range of affordable products. So, if you ever went shopping at Ikea, you will be familiar with the huge bill you hold in your hands while coming out of the shop. Good quality and cheap products are what everyone looks for, and Ikea gives just that. But what if there were more ways that you could save at this place with the same amount of shopping that you always do. Following is a list of ways you can shop more and pay less at Ikea.

Join the Ikea Family

Ikea Family membership is a program that is free to join. You can get hold of a lot of amazing deals this way, which only members can have. You can be a part of early sales discounts and savings events, which are only allowed for members. You will also get 90-day price protection, which would mean that if you buy an item and it reduces in cost within the 90 days that you have bought, then you will receive the cost difference.

Easily register yourself through the Ikea store and get their digital card. They also send a physical card after four weeks of registration. This will allow you to know when there are special discounts at the store, which is a plus.

Ikea Gift Cards

This one is so easy to get. Whenever you shop at Ikea, you only need to run your Ikea card at the checkout, and this will allow you to enter for a chance to avail the Ikea $100 gift card. You will get this opportunity every month, so always keep your hopes high. Like these gift cards, many online sites also give coupons to the consumers on their favorite products once or twice a week or month.

If you come across these sites, then be sure not to miss this opportunity. Coupons and gift cards are almost the same things, but with those coupon codes, you can get many more discounts on a huge variety of products from countless brands.

Get a Free Lunch after Purchasing Furniture

Yes, you read that right. Everyone is aware of how tiring shopping can be, and lunch after that is mandatory. But what if you could get free lunch several times a year? At Ikea, if you purchase furniture and your bill exceeds $100, then you can surely get one of these free lunches. These offers are held on different dates, so if you subscribe to Ikea’s emails, then you will surely know which dates you can avail of this opportunity.

Free lunch is good, but what if you could get discount deals and coupons after you purchase something to a certain amount? This does happen on several online websites like Wadav, which will give you discount codes to use after you exceed a certain limit of purchase. This way, you can always buy an item you thought was a bit expensive and make most of the items on the list affordable. From electronic devices to décor, you will find everything which you love. So, while you should avail of Ikea’s free lunch offer, you should avail of this opportunity as well.

If you want to view more of such deals on these websites, then visit these sites often and recommend them to a friend as well so that you both can get the most out of shopping with the least amount of money.

Last-Chance items

While shopping at the store, you will come to see some items which have a yellow tag attached to them. These items usually belong to a limited edition or sometimes from a range of products that have been discontinued. These kinds of items are almost always on sale ranging from at least 15% off to at most 50% off.

At many online websites that write different product reviews and much more, you will find a lot of your favorite products on these kinds of sales and discounts as well. Always avail of that opportunity because you might never know which popular item will finish soon.

Black Friday Sale

At Ikea, a lot of items are on a mega sale during Black Friday. You could always go and purchase it at the store, or you can avoid this hassle altogether and buy them online easily. You will find super discount packages at Ikea on this day as well. 

In addition to these day sales, many online sites put a range of brands items on sales one week before Black Friday so that consumers get to buy discounted items easily with the use of Black Friday vouchers since, on that day, a lot of users are accessing the site which could lead to site malfunction as well. This all makes shopping super easy since this way, your favorite item is only a click away!

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