Choosing the Best Tarp – Some Key Features to Look for

December 14, 2020

Different people use tarps for different purposes. Homeowners, industrialists, and business people all use tarps of various sizes and materials to serve their various protective and coverage needs. You can use a good tarp to cover up your open space, cover the firewood rack, protect outdoor furniture, covering the grill and the like, etc. High duty tarps are used to cover cars, trucks, forklifts, boats, and so on. Tarpaulins are also used at construction sites to cover up the debris and dirt etc. out there.

Tarps are the favorite campers, too, as it is a handy camping gear by serving various purposes. One tarp itself can take up various forms during camping as it can be used as a bed, cover the RV, or as a temporary shelter while it is raining or during snowfall. So, a good quality tarp is something that you always tend to keep at your home or inside your vehicle during trips.

But, with your need to buy a good 15 x 20 tarp, what all things you should consider in terms of the quality, type, size, ease of use, etc. to get the best product in hand.? Let us explore.

  1. Quality of tarps

As we know, tarps are used for various purposes ranging from covering vehicles to industrial usages. So, you need to pay key attention to the quality of tarps used for the right purpose at hand. You may think of something light, but withstanding weather conditions. In terms of durability, you may also consider the thickness and gauging of the tarps to get the ape one. The heavy-duty tarps are of 23 mils or higher, whereas for easily handling the lighter usages, you may opt for think tarps as 5 mils or so.

  1. Type of tarps

Just like any other utilities, tarps also come in various types. Choosing the right type of tarp which fits your need in hand is essential. Poly tarps are the most common type of tarp, which is made of polyethylene. Canvas tarps are also sturdily made from plain-woven cotton or hemp; however, these tarps are not fully waterproof. You can consider vinyl tarps, which are made of high-grade ethylene molecules, making them the strongest among the tarp choices. Being the strongest, these are more expensive too. You also have choices like PVC and plastic tarps, etc., which come in different price ranges.

  1. Size of tarps

Size is also one primary consideration while getting the right tarp for your project in hand. There are various sizes like 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 15 x 20, 20 x 20 feet tarps. So, always have an idea about the exact dimensions you need. It is advisable to get a one-size higher tarp for general needs to offer complete coverage and give you more room to tie them up properly by using the hangs.

Thankfully, there are endless choices of tarps available at online and offline stores to meet your possible needs for the same. However, be careful that you make the right choice in terms of quality and size to get the best return for the investment you make.


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