Dangerous Wildlife And Rough Terrain Plague A Cairns 4WD Hire

December 28, 2020

Traveling the roads through Australia’s outback can be an incredible experience. People throughout the world take holidays to go to beautiful territories. Many rent cars or campervans while there to explore the land.

For those who are exceptionally adventuresome, 4WD allows visitors to go off the beaten path onto the rough terrain (learn more about Roam 4WD Hire in Cairns here.)

 It gives tourists or even locals on an expedition the privilege of getting up close and personal with nature and the multitude of wildlife.

The advantage native Australians have over those coming from other places is they know which critters are dangerous. It is essential to become familiar with areas in and around Cairns, so that you know the homes of harmful creatures. Some beaches, for instance, have massive crocodiles living in the salty waters. 

Before you head out for your 4WD excursion, it is wise to research or perhaps make friends with locals who could come along to guide the trip. Either way, you do not want to be caught in the middle of nowhere unaware.

Facing The Dangers In Cairns As You Drive Your Hired 4WD Across The Rough Terrain

You can find yourself struggling along the rugged landscape with a range of wildlife roaming beside you. It is particularly true if you hire a 4WD having little experience. Driving under those conditions could prove challenging. Taking it slow and learning the environment, as you go will keep you out of harm’s way. Find out if Cairns is worth visiting at: https://www.myfavouriteescapes.com/is-cairns-worth-visiting/#.

Cairns boasts a magnificent sight to see, awe-inspiring and breathtaking. People should not avoid the experience strictly based on fear of the land or animals. While some critters in Australia have the potential for harming and, yes, fatally wounding a person, if you take the time to educate yourself and remain responsible on your journey, you will be safe throughout.

Claims suggest that Cairns sees nearly two million tourists annually with minimal wildlife fatalities, leaving the likelihood that you will be fine in your travels. A lot of responsibility truly falls to the person. Many animals merely react due to feeling threatened in some way. 

Some of the more dangerous critters you might come in contact with on your road trip through Cairns include:

  • Deadly Australian Snakes

You might think you researched enough to recognize one snake from another, but you should genuinely avoid all snakes in Australia. It is not wise to approach any of these with the assumption that it is a lizard or some other reptile. It could be a “Death Adder” among the top 10 deadliest snakes in the world. 

Or you might be face-to-face with an “Eastern Brown,” known to be a temperamental breed of the species. You will find other venomous varieties, but as a whole, snakes will not seek out humans to attack. The creature is typically one to shy away if a prey appears too large for consumption. 

If you decide to hike from your 4WD to take in the surrounding scenery, the suggestion is to make sure you are in thick shoes and heavy pants. It is always smart to carry a walking stick while hiking also.

  • Jellyfish Also Referred To As Marine Stingers

Many stingers are relatively harmless, with there being hundreds of varieties. These can give an intensely painful sting, while some can cause fatality. A box stinger will cause death within a matter of minutes. Though the creature displays no aggression, it will release toxin despite you barely coming in contact. 

In order to remain safe, beaches with stinger nets are the ones you are safest in swimming. Encounters note to be rare, but there is no point in taking the risk. 

  • The Rock Monsters

Everyone enjoys looking at the majestic beauty under the seawater, but it is essential to pay attention around you. One critter to be mindful of is the “blue-ringed octopus.” The creature is another one that is not intentionally aggressive but instead bites when a tourist becomes too curious — like a child.

The bite is not particularly painful, but will cause death. A stonefish is also a harmful sea animal to which you should show respect. You will rarely come in contact with this guy. But he is among the most toxic, with an intense bite that causes exceptional pain. It is usually the result of the fish getting stomped on.

In the waters where you find these critters, mandatory shoe rules are in place.

  • The Massive Crocodile

Crocodile attacks will almost always end in a fatality though these encounters are rare. The key is to avoid areas where crocodiles are more likely to congregate. As long as you know the specific water areas where the animal is prone to live, you can give them their due respect.

Avoiding those specific places where signs warn of their presence will keep you safe and preserve the animal’s privacy. If you are so curious that you need to see one of the beautiful animals in real-time, don’t invade their space. Instead, go to a specified sanctuary designated for viewing. It keeps the animal and you safe.

Final Thought

Traveling through Cairns in a 4WD that you hire can be the ultimate experience if you take your time and learn the land. Respecting the fact that nature is home to the wildlife, to whom you should give the utmost privacy, is critical. Go here for destination advice.

No one should go poking around in habitats or sneaking up on an animal unbeknownst to the creature unless you have a desire to get hurt. Many creatures have a greater fear of us than we do of them. 

But when it comes down to feeling threatened, defenses will cause the animal to react. Sadly, often the animal gets the blame and is hurt or killed for protecting itself.

If you plan a holiday to Cairns, make sure to take some time to do your research on the landscape and the wildlife. If you have never driven a 4WD through the rugged territory, you might want to practice a little before you get out in the heart of it.

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