What should we do if your cat has dry skin?

January 4, 2021

You all know that cats are human friendly in nature. And like humans, they have some disease that also affects humans like diarrhea, influenza, dry skin, etc. Maybe some people know about just the first two diseases but don’t know about dry skin.

Most people don’t know that cats can also suffer from dry skin issues. And some people don’t believe in it. Such people ask how cats get dry skin.

Why not? Why the cats can’t get dry skin. As weather changes, human skin gets dry so if weather affects humans. It also affects pets in the same way.

In this article, you will know about the dry skin symptoms and remedies for dry skin of cats.

How do you know that your cat’s skin is getting dry?

As winters arrive, people heat their houses with flame heaters. Due to which cats get dry and start itching their skin. So if you see that your cat is itching herself then it doesn’t mean that she has a flea. 

This itching can be due to dryness. You should check her hair. If she doesn’t have a flea or any external parasites then check her skin properly. If you see scabs, flakes, bald skin, or scaly patches then your cat’s skin has affected by environmental changes.

 You can see these spots anywhere at your cat. As you know skin is the greatest organ of the body, so you can find dry spots easily. Mostly, these patches are found around the tail, lower back, nose, and ears.

After finding the dryness patches, you should know the reason for it. Whether it is due to weather changes or causes by environmental parasites, flea, or ticks.

Treatment of dry skin

As weather changes, humidity in the air decreases day by day.  Dry air causes the skin dryness of the human and pets also.


To maintain the indoor environment, use the humidifier. If you don’t have this then you can place the water pan in front of the radiator. This will help to increase the humidity in the indoor pet environment.

Diet Supplements

Pets need a high-calorie diet or diet rich in minerals, enzymes, and proteins. Doctors advise adding flaxseed oil, fish oil, or salmon oil to the diet of their pets to decrease the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids.


Grooming their cats on daily basis is the best way to keep save your cats from environmental dust, pests, parasites, and mats, etc. Cutting of hairs maintains the health of skin and hair coat. When you trim the hairs all the dust and mats that have tangled in the hairs, removes with the trimming.

Use of  Medicated Shampoo

One of the best ways is the use of shampoo for the dryness. Ask the veterinarian for the best cat shampoo. Mostly, doctors recommend a hypoallergenic shampoo that contains benzoyl peroxide or oatmeal. Here’s the list of shampoos made with oatmeal and also affected for fleas.

Home-made remedy

Rather than these ready-made shampoos, you can make a homemade remedy for it.  Vinegar is the main ingredient in this remedy. How to prepare it?

Take one-gallon water and add four tablespoons of white to it. Then massage the whole body, especially fur with it and then wash the body with water until the whole water removes from the skin. After washing air dry the fur completely.

If you still feel the dryness on the skin, use good moisture on the skin. It will help in decreasing the dryness.

Environmental change

Sometimes, a depressed environment also causes the dry skin of your pet. Try to change the environment like play a music at slow volume or spray some beautiful scents. Positive change makes the pets happy and decreases their stress level.

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