Best Treatments In Time For A Summer Body

January 23, 2021

At the time this little piece is being written, it is a freezing cold winter outside and absolutely no one is thinking about going to the beach. But seasons come and go pretty fast and before you know it, winter will go by, as will spring and swimsuit season’s going to be back. People often do not realize how fast time can fly and by the time summer comes along, they are nowhere near ready for their summer body.

If you are thinking about putting a little more emphasis on your physique this year, there is no better time to start than now, regardless of what season, month or week it may be. There are many ways for you to do this and it all depends on how much time and effort you are going to dedicate to looking good. Unfortunately, you have realized that your busy schedule does not allow you to go to the gym. There is also not enough time to prepare your own healthy meals to keep a healthy diet. So, the time consuming methods are off the table for now. But you will not have to worry, since contouring, double chin removal and muscle toning treatments are available at many cosmetic dermatology practices.

You have never felt the need to visit one, but if you knew about the many benefits that cosmetic clinics offer, you would be signing up for an appointment this very minute. Here are only a few of the best treatments that can help you get ready for the summer with the body to match. This information was provided to us by NYC’s Skinly Aesthetics cosmetic clinic. They offer all of these treatments at some really competitive prices, so if you become interested in any of them, visit Skinly Aesthetic’s official website to find out more:

Cold Contouring

Losing weight is a great way to get your body back into shape. In fact, one could say it is the only way to do this, but that just would not be the case. You could be in great shape; perfectly built muscles, a little fat in all the right places, but then a bit too much fat in all the wrong places too. 

Body contouring is not about losing weight. Sure, it involves destroying or removing fat cells, but not with the intent of weighing less. Losing weight requires a general loss of fat buildup all over the body. But if you want to contour or sculpt a specific area, you would need to get rid of fat in a more controlled manner.

This is where Coolsculpting comes in. While it is only one of the many body sculpting treatments around, it is very special for a few reasons. First and foremost, unlike most other fat reduction treatments, Coolsculpting is purely non-invasive and non-surgical. Everything is performed completely on the outside of your body, with no damage done to your skin. 

This means a shorter recovery time, fewer side effects and less medication required after the treatment. The only downside to Coolsculpting is that it may take upward of 4 months for the final results to become visible and during that time, you have to make sure that fat doesn’t reappear in the treated areas again. So avoid fatty food, a sedentary lifestyle or any other habit that caused the fat to build up in the first place.

This is why winter is the perfect season for Coolsculpting. It may not be a pleasant sensation to be cold at the cosmetic center while there is a freezing winter outside, but the timing is perfect. By the time the final results come about, it will be summer and you will be ready to greet it with your newly sculpted body.

Hot Double Chin Removal

A very prominent fat clump happens to be the double chin, situated right under the chin and the jawline. It is a very small and non-intrusive area of the body to have fat on, but it is very visible. It is perfectly positioned to be the most noticeable facial feature in photos, it ruins the profile from the side and can be annoying to see in the mirror. 

Keep in mind that there are tons of people out there who have double chin and have never been bothered by them. If you are that person, then you should be proud that you are confident regardless of how you look.

But double chin removal treatments like Kybella are not for people who are perfectly happy with how they look. If you have ever felt like you cannot look in the mirror, because that part of your face bothers you, then give Kybella a try. It involves a set of injections, with the entire process lasting a few months. But by the time it is over, you would have said said “goodbye” to your double chin and “hello” to a beautifully traced jawline.

Toning Every Muscle

Where Coolsculpting is about chiselling away the pockets of fat, Cooltone, as the name implies, tones the muscles and accentuates them. 

Muscles are very beautiful parts of the body, but when you can actually see them. The best way to make this happen is with exercise, but as we have established earlier, we are under the assumption that there is no time for that. 

Which is why so many people opt for Cooltone. It does not involve the cold, even though it is part of the name. But it does use magnetic technology to stimulate the muscles rapidly, making them contract at an exaggerated rate. Cooltone is basically a hardcore training session, but fast-forwarded to an incredible speed and also no smelly gym locker rooms.

And without any injections or cuts being made into the skin, the recovery is basically non-existent, since you will barely have to do anything after the procedure. Picture it as training, but with all the hardest, most grueling parts cut out and also performed much faster.

With precisely toned muscles, you will be ready for the summer with a perfect body. And like all the other treatments mentioned previously, the earlier you get treated with Cooltone, the better.

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