Seven Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

January 23, 2021

Some spiders are highly poisonous. Such causes deaths. Most likely, you have limited knowledge and ability to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous spiders. Even so, spiders are not insects anyone would want to share a room with.

Hence, you need to keep every kind of spider away from your home. Due to the presence of kids in the home, it is vital to use natural, safe ways to keep them out of your home. Such includes the use of turmeric, garlic, and eucalyptus, among others. Here are seven natural ways from Glimmr to keep spiders out of your home:


Despite the annoying and stain-causing turmeric color, this herb effectively repels spiders through its smell. If you do not mind its color, grind or blend some turmeric, then apply it to the areas that are prone to spiders. Alternatively, get its stem and place it in the corners of your home where you’ve noticed spiders invading.


Like turmeric, garlic too repels spiders through its scents. Some people avoid these herbs due to their smells, even though they have numerous medical pros. However, with garlic, there is no discoloring of the surfaces. Therefore, blend enough garlic (mix water and garlic) depending on the areas you want to apply. Apply or spray all prone areas of your home, especially windows.


Whether you get a stem of cedar or its oil, spiders will never get near the area you have placed them. Same case with cedar leaves. This is so because of the strong fragrant that is found in the cedar tree. It would also be a better option to plant a cedar tree in your home. Henceforth, your home will become spider-free!  


Eucalyptus’s strong scent chocks the spiders, thereby keeping them away. The plant has menthol, which is what spiders cannot endure. Choose to increase the beauty of your home by planting a eucalyptus tree; either indoors or outside, it will still serve the purpose of repelling spiders, too.

Bring In A Pet

Cats, in particular, can help deal with spiders effectively as they can reach almost every corner of your home, including the roofs. The good thing with cats is that they are curious and will destroy any cobwebs they come across in an attempt to play or bite the moving thing. So, if you are worried about only a few spiders you have noticed in the home, bring in a cat. You wil be sorted.  

Fill All Wall Cracks

Spiders thrive tremendously in cracks. They love to build their homes in places where there’s no disturbance (much movement)! Wall cracks and always-shut-doors or windows are good examples of such areas. As such, fill any crack in your home. Also, open the doors and windows after every few days.

White Vinegar

Despite the countless benefits found in white vinegar, for example, removing stains and unblocking kitchen sinks, white vinegar controls pests. The acetic acid in white vinegar has an odor any spider will not get close to. In addition, the taste of this acid, too, is dangerous to spiders. Mix equal measures of water and vinegar, therefore, and sprinkle on intended surfaces.  

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