A Body Wash That Does More Than Cleanse

January 23, 2021

When you have a long day, the first thing you want to do when you get home is shower, sleep, and eat (though not always in that particular order but, you get the gist.) And what do you use on most of your body? What cleanses the most of you? Your body wash. So, you need something that gets the job done, and well. And that also smells awesome, of course.

But what if your body wash did more than just cleanse you of your sometimes garbage day? That would be pretty dope, right? Well, today’s your lucky day, friend, because there is a body wash out there just waiting to do more than just clean your bod.

What More Could You Possibly Want From Your Body Wash?

Other than wanting to be clean and smell nice, you could demand more and find a product that gives it to you. How about one that also soothes and improves the quality and healthiness of your skin? How about one that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable? Maybe even one that takes up less space in your shower? Maybe one that is made with all-natural, skin-safe ingredients; ones that will not irritate the barrier that protects you from the outside world?

What if you could find one that does all that and more? This just in: you can. And now you have.

Powder Body Wash: The Best Of The Best

Go take a look at the bottle of body wash you have in your shower right now. What is the first ingredient? Probably water. And is that not weird? I mean, you are already in the shower, there is plenty of water already present in the equation. So why would you want more of it in your body wash if it doesn’t really have to be?

If you want to up your shower game and really take your cleansing routine to the next level, try a powder wash that can work wonders for you.

Less Water = Less Plastic = Less Waste

Like we said earlier, you are already in a setting where water is abundant, so having all of that extra water in your bottle means the product takes up more space, resulting in, you guessed it, more plastic. For a while now, we have come to learn that plastic is just overall not great for the environment, so cutting down on as much plastic as possible is ideal.

With a powder body wash, you do not waste plastic on water and a single bottle lasts longer (one small bottle of powder gives you as much use as five big bottles of the liquid body wash). Win for you, win for the environment.

Natural Ingredients Mean Happy Skin

A lot of body washes rely on all sorts of artificial colors, scents, and preservatives to keep them smelling and looking good. Many of these ingredients, like alcohol and parabens, can cause irritation, dry skin, and loss of elasticity, and some have even been linked to hormonal disruption (yikes!) 

Powder body washes only use the finest, natural ingredients, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. With ingredients like seaweed for hydration and the power of kaolin’s soothing properties, a powder body wash will go above and beyond the cleansing call of duty to leave your skin better than it was before.

How To Use It

So you have decided to try this powder body wash thing out, but how the heck do you wash your body with a powder? It is actually pretty simple. Just shake out a tiny bit of the powder into your palm (a little goes a long way), gradually add some water and work it into a lather to use on your whole body. Pro tip: shake the powder out away from running water, otherwise you risk losing it. 

Demand more out of your body wash than just a good clean feeling. Try a powder wash that your body (and your mother Earth) will love.

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