Five Signs That You Need A Dehumidifier In Your Bathroom

January 31, 2021

Bathrooms that lack efficient fans for diverting the steam to the outdoors will often require a dehumidifier; otherwise, the excess moisture will lead to mold growth on the ceiling and walls. If you detect overly wet walls in your bathroom, peeling paint, or mold growth, it is time to invest in a dehumidifier.

The commonest symptoms of excess humidity in your bathroom are discussed below: 

Visible Mold

When mold starts infesting your bathroom, it could be the beginning of a nightmare. You can do the mold inspection by yourself or hire a professional. To detect fungi growth, inspect the tile grout, around the bottom of your toilet, the corners of your bathtub, as well as your ceilings and floors for dark spots.  

If you find signs of mold growth, you will need to control your bathroom’s humidity levels. Basically, mold thrives on damp surfaces, which is why you will need to extract the bathroom steam before it settles on the walls, floors, and ceilings. Your bathroom should have a relative humidity ranging between 30% and 60%.

This is where this appliance comes in handy; this device extracts excessive moisture from the atmosphere, which results in reducing the dampness and mold growth. Now with a drier bathroom, there are fewer chances that mold infestation will occur.

The Existence Of Dust Mites 

Dust mites feed on dead skin, which is a good thing; but let us not get all excited. These microscopic creatures are common triggers for asthma and allergies. They prefer humid confines such as bathrooms among other areas where moisture tends to build up. 

The commonest signs of a dust mite infested bathroom include itchy and watery eyes, skin rash, wheezing, difficulties in breathing, or a stuffy nose. If you find yourself having such symptoms, whether you reside in a dry or humid climate area, you probably need a dehumidifier. This machine will reduce the humidity levels in your bathroom, making it inhospitable for dust mites.  

Skin And Respiratory Irritations 

Wallowing in a hot bath is good for your health in addition to bringing relaxation, but not in any bathroom. A bathroom with high humidity triggers rashes and skin irritation due to the allergens associated with excess moisture. It is time to equip your bathroom with a dehumidifier if you experience skin inflammation or itchiness after or while taking a shower. 

Also, by extracting excess humidity from your bathroom, a dehumidifier eliminates airborne allergens like dust mites and mold spores. These allergens are often responsible for increased respiratory irritations, especially among children. Besides, a humid bathroom environment brings about difficulties in breathing, but not just for people with respiratory issues. 

Condensation On The Windows 

Condensation occurs naturally when moisture from the air settles on the surfaces. This becomes an inconvenience when your bathroom window plays host to excess humidity. The moisture ends up damaging window sills, frames, and furnishings.

Now, you might be thinking of opening your bathroom window for the excess moisture to escape, which is a good idea but not the best. Let us break this down; excess humidity in the atmosphere requires a cold surface to condense. This means that if you are experiencing condensation on your bathroom windows, then it must be cold outside. Well, if you open your window to avoid condensation, then you will need to heat your room, increasing your electricity bills.

What if you run a dehumidifier? Well, this device can effectively extract unwanted moisture from your indoor environment, including the bathroom space, to prevent condensation and the associated damage. While there is a cost attached to using a dehumidifier, it does not cause your power bills to skyrocket, especially because most of these devices are very energy efficient. 

Musty Odor 

Your bathroom should be a refreshing environment where you go to unwind. But if stale and earthy are the only words that register in your mind when you think of your bathroom, then you need a dehumidifier.  The number one cause of these odors is mildew.

For mildew to thrive in your bathroom, there must be a conducive environment such as damp and dark surfaces. Due to the constant moisture from your hot showers and baths, your bathroom walls and ceilings become an excellent spot for mildew to colonize. The infestation will ultimately latch to other areas such as the bathtub and shower curtain folds.

Fortunately, preventing mildew from taking over your favorite space is pretty simple; using a bathroom dehumidifier. Dry air is mildew’s worst enemy, making a dehumidifier your best ally against this menace. 

The Bottom Line 

An overly damp bathroom environment is both unhealthy and uncomfortable. Excess humidity encourages the infestation of dust mites and mildew. These allergens could wreak havoc on people living with respiratory conditions and skin allergies, not to mention causing breathing issues for even the healthiest of household members. Besides, if left unaddressed, excess moisture can cause irreparable damage to your bathroom floors, walls, ceiling, furniture, and windows.  

A dehumidifier is an effective unit that brings about solutions to your most of your bathroom problems. Whether you’re dealing with repelling smells, horrid mold spots, or unwanted condensation, this appliance could be the key to making your bathroom a haven.

Prevention is better than cure; do not wait for excess humidity to turn your life upside down; grab yourself a dehumidifier and lead a happy and healthier life. Besides, this device is not disruptive to your bathroom activities; it runs effectively in the background without causing a commotion. 

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