Travel Networking Sites: Find Useful Tip and Advice Related to the World’s Tour

February 1, 2021


Finding the most useful travel tips and advice can take many forms, whether it’s from travel agencies, guides, documentaries, blogs, YouTube channels, or just chatting with a friend at a coffee shop. However, obtaining information that has become increasingly popular in recent years is through travel networks. Travel networks are online platforms where travellers can connect, offering information, advice, guidance, recommendations, organizing events, and making friends in a friendly environment and all. 

People can ask questions that may be difficult to find answers to elsewhere and discover things that are happening nearby, from live music to salsa lessons to soccer games. Not only do they provide a space for like-minded travellers and backpackers to find connections, but they bring a sense of community to the world of travel that can sometimes feel a bit isolated, especially when travelling alone.

Travel Sites Collects Top Travel Networking Platform

As a result of all this, Travel Sites have put together a list that includes selecting the top some travel networking platforms, whether in New York, New Delhi, or Papua New Guinea. You will no longer feel lost and helpless when you travel half the world on your own. With our list of the most useful travel networks, you can find travellers near you, wherever you are. 

Most Authentic and Useful Platform

This list contains only the most authentic and useful platforms for connecting travellers from around the world. It has been compiled with several factors in mind to ensure that only the best is selected. Each has been carefully evaluated, and each review contains a summary of the service, its strengths, what makes it unique, and its potential drawbacks. Simultaneously, each of the pros and cons is listed in an easy-to-read set of bullet points under every notice. Hundreds of platforms match a similar description, but Travel Sites have selected only the ones that best meet our criteria, considering several factors outlined below.

How Do They Consider in Their List of Top Travel Networking Platform?

Considering the platform’s user interface and ease of navigation is always an essential part of the review process, regardless of its service. A good, easy-to-use interface with a simple aesthetic is an obvious but often underrated aspect of many websites. It can ultimately influence the entire experience of travellers looking to build relationships or get advice. 

While a website can offer a wide range of additional options and features, a cluttered and confusing home page can make it difficult for many users to use the platform’s more superficial feature. Often, the best sites are those with a simple, minimal aesthetic that don’t try to overcomplicate the service offered by adding too many extra features while also appearing to be the ones with the fastest loading speeds. 

Those with many pop-up ads and promotions can also make searching for information a more stressful experience than it should be. Travel Sites made sure that when reviewing the various travel network platforms, Travel Sites took into account overall ease of use and how easy it was to find what you were looking for before proceeding with the journey. 

How to Find Good Tips and Advice Related to Travelling?

When it comes to finding useful tips and advice, a blog is one of the best resources that can be included on a website. Blogs can be a great place to find helpful articles on travel-related topics, from packing lists and city guides to daily itineraries. For example, Trippy is a platform that offers a road trip planner that allows users to enter any two destinations to see a detailed day-to-day itinerary, including where to stay, eat and drink. 

It provides users with the best places to stop along the way and all the related questions that the travel community has already answered. This means that you can find all the information you need in one place, without even having to enter individual questions on different websites yourself.

 It’s an excellent resource for people planning trips and unsure where to go or just looking for information on a location from someone who has been there before. Therefore, when reviewing the different travel networking platforms, Travel Sites made sure to evaluate a blog’s presence as it would make the service more complete.

Features to Consider During Reviewing Each Site

Another feature that was taken into account when reviewing each travel network was whether it included a comment section and, if so, how interactive it was. Providing a space for site users to leave comments and any questions they might have about the articles creates a more comprehensive platform as you expand on the topics, adding various perspectives and thoughts from other travellers who want to share their opinions. 

Overall, this list offers a selection of the most useful travel networking platforms, carefully selected from hundreds of similar services. Connecting with travellers abroad can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, partnering with like-minded people from every type of background imaginable. 

Find other backpackers, learn about local events, ask questions, read blogs, and more, just by checking out this carefully curated list. Travel Sites have taken the factors mentioned above into account to provide you with only the most authentic and useful platforms to connect with travellers, almost anywhere you decide to travel.

  • Trover
  • Gap Year
  • Inter Nations
  • Tourist link
  • Trippy
  • Be Welcome


Trover is a travel website and smartphone application that allows its user community to share photos and tips dedicated to travel discovery and planning. Although similar to other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, Trover focuses only on travel, which means that you will never be bombarded with photos of pets or selfies of celebrities.

One feature that they say sets Trover apart from photo-sharing websites, and similar mobile apps are discovering expert advice alongside each image. Users are encouraged to provide helpful descriptions with information on the prominent location to help people plan identical trips. 

You can add pictures and tips to the lists if you are travelling to a particular place or have just seen several inspiring destinations and want to remember them for later. If you don’t have time to research and build your collection, you can also follow other people’s lists, an easy way to get all the recommendations you need in one place.

Gap Year

Gap Year is a social network and travel advice website committed to providing users with useful information on how to take a gap year. They offer expert advice on travel, volunteering, and work abroad, as well as inspirational ideas, opportunities, and products.

The website is easy to use, with a search bar that allows users to enter keywords to display suggestions quickly. If you’re unsure precisely what you are looking for, the homepage has many inspiring ideas divided into categories, including tours, volunteering, internships, summer camps, and working with animals. 

The favourite section, however, is the one with inspiring articles on hiking and gap years. All of his travel articles are written by people with first-hand experience and offer advice on everything from making friends in hostels to taking the perfect photo.

Features of the platform is the packages they offer, or “Experiences” as they are called on the website. These range from art tours in Europe to journalism internships in Australia and selected from a few days to a year. However, with that said, to me, many of them seemed very dear from what they understood. A 22-day trip from Madrid to Berlin costs more than $ 3,500, much more than what you would spend in three weeks if you were on a budget staying in hostels.

Inter Nations

Inter Nations is an online platform that connects thousands of ex-pats in more than 400 cities worldwide. Not only can you discover tips and advice about your new home, but you also have the opportunity to participate in exciting events with other nearby ex-pats. The service, available both on the web and in a smartphone app, has more than 3 million members worldwide and offers 6,000 events and activities each month. Available countries include Mexico, Ecuador, India, and Japan, China, Singapore, 

Moving to a new country on your own can be a great ordeal while finding new friends with similar interests once there can be even more difficult. When you register with Inter Nations, you can add your interests in various categories, such as culture and entertainment, food and nightlife, sports and entertainment, business, and networking. This helps the website find ex-pats that match your interests, allowing you to find like-minded people quickly.

Tourist Link

Tourist link is an online platform that connects travellers with locals and other travellers in more than 200 countries worldwide. Founded in 2011, they now have a community of over 100,000 members who want to meet new people, take tours, discover new destinations, share their journeys, and ask questions.

Finding people and activities near you is pretty easy to do, with a simple search bar where you can type in city names. After the search, you will be directed to a location profile with information on the area, locals, and travellers to connect with, as well as available travel deals and tour guides. You will like the ability to save locations from being quickly viewed later without searching for them.


Trippy is a website and smartphone application that allows users to ask travel-related questions and receive experts’ answers. Every question and answer are reviewed by the Trippy team, which means they can ensure the information is accurate and reliable.

When you use Trippy, one of your favourite features will be the road trip planner. This allows users to enter any two destinations to view a detailed daily itinerary, including where to stay, eat and drink. It provides you with the best places to stop along the way and all the related questions that the travel community has already answered. This means that you can find all the information you need in one place, without even entering individual questions yourself. You can even find precise directions between the two locations, which are marked on a map.

Be Welcome

Be Welcome is a non-profit organization that invites travellers and hosts worldwide to meet up, using the platform to advertise accommodation or help get to know a place. Help travellers plan trips and discover unique cultural experiences that would be difficult to find elsewhere.

The website works much like Couchsurfing. You search for hosts in several different destinations, allowing you to spend time with the locals and experience a country through vantage point. Although it is relatively easy to use, the design and interface of BeWelcome is quite dated and lacks the visual aesthetics of its competitors. Their search filters are also minimal, with only a handful of preferences to choose from, while the information about each host can range from a line or two to full paragraphs.


Travello is a free mobile application that connects travellers and residents from all over the world. It allows users to communicate with like-minded people while spending time abroad and providing a space to share photos, videos, and stories in a thread or ask other travellers for advice and suggestions. The app is available in over 150 countries and can be downloaded on iOS or Android.

One of my favourite features that Travello offers is the ability to join groups that match your interests. You can choose from various categories, including entertainment, arts, sports, and recreation, to find a plethora of different groups in the destinations you plan to travel to. Once you have joined a group, you can interact with other members to organize meetings, events, and activities. It is the perfect tool when you are traveling on your own, as you can quickly find people who share your interests, which means that you already have common ground when you do find yourself.

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