Best Sewing Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier

February 9, 2021

Sewing may seem a challenging task. But, there are certain tasks that can help you get perfect sewing experience. Just becoming sewing machine buffs will not help you get the perfect sewing experience. In this article, we will help you get creative and genius sewing tricks, hacks, and sewing tips that will help you in becoming a sewing pro in no time. 

So, head towards your sewing room and try all these tips!

How to cut a slippery fabric?

Cutting a slippery fabric may seem a tricky task. This is because you have little to no traction between the scissors and the fabric. You can also make cutting mistakes in this case. Thus, to get the best cutting experience, you can place a layer of muslin under the cloth. You can also pin the layers to make cutting easier.

Use sharp scissors.

It is important to keep scissors sharp and use the size of the scissors as per the type of fabric you are cutting. Never use a fabric scissor to cut other items like plastic or ropes or else it will get dull. Thus, try to take maximum care of the scissor and make sure to avoid using dull scissors.

Press buttons.

This is one of the most amazing tricks that you can use. If you have to sew buttons or use buttons with fabric, you can use your hair straightener to press fabrics between the buttons and other embellishments. 

Sew the corners.

For most people, sewing corners may seem a challenging task. We have a simple tip for sewing the corners. Leave the needles down and rotate the fabric 90-degrees to get the perfect stitching experience in the corner. 

Binder clips.

The binder clips, which are an essential school supply, can also be used to bind your stitching. All you need to do is use the clips on the binding. You won’t even need a helping hand to use this trick while sewing.

Gathering of fabrics.

Many people get worried about how to gather fabrics. We have an amazing trick to help you at this step. Try to use yarn or a thick thread to gather the fabric. Try to sew zig-zag over the length of the yearn. Then, pull the yarn to gather the fabric. Yarn will not snap like the regular thread, and you will be able to gather the fabric easily.

Sewing buttons.

Suppose you face issues while sewing buttons on the side of your coat or your sleeve buttons; we have a trick for you. Try to sew extra buttons on the side of the coat sleeve. In case you lose the extra buttons, you will have the buttons handy.

Cutting patterns.

Cutting patterns for a great outfit may seem a challenging task. Try to use an automatic fabric cutter to cut the fabric appropriately. The best part about the automatic cutter is that it will stick to your fabric perfectly. You can cut your fabrics according to the pattern without any additional weights and errors. This will also not leave any residue.

Use painter’s tape.

Painter’s tape is one of the best handy tools that you can use for a stitching project. Hold the pleats and ruffle together by using a painter’s tape. This way, it won’t hurt the fabric, and you will get a perfectly pleated outfit without spending any extra amount.

Dental floss.

Yes, you read it right. Dental floss can also be used to sew buttons. Try to use dental floss as a thread. Dental floss is stronger as compared to regular threads, and it will also prevent the button from popping up every time.

Wax to strengthen threads.

You can use wax to pull the threads. This way, it will make the thread strong and nice. This trick is especially important in hand-sewing. So, use this hand sewing trick to get the best sewing experience.

Thread into the needle.

Putting thread through the needle holes may seem quite challenging. It may always seem that the thread gets quite difficult to get through a hole. One genius item that can help you in getting thread into the needle is by using hairspray. Try to spray using the edge so that the thread can get perfectly into the needle hole.

Sew over the lumpy fabric using plastic.

Next time you have to use slumpy fabric like fleece or terry cloth, make use of plastic. Try to place the plastic on top of the fabric to get a perfect sewing experience.

Use all these tips and tricks to get the perfect sewing experience. Let us know which one of these tips and tricks will work best for you. You can visit the platform to get the best tips and tricks for sewing.


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