Preparing Your Home Before Extended Travel

February 11, 2021

When you are preparing for a trip and are looking forward to going on vacation, it can be exciting to pack your suitcases and get your itinerary ready. Unfortunately, many people spend so much time thinking about their trip that they forget to consider preparing their home for their departure. If you want to safeguard your property and keep it secure while you are away, there are a few essential tips to follow:

Secure The Windows

Keep in mind that intruders often attempt to break through windows if they cannot get through any doors in your home. You will need to reinforce the glass with security film, which prevents it from shattering if someone attempts to break into the building. Install window glass sensors, which will also sound an alarm if the window breaks and can scare off the intruder and alert your neighbours. Adding window bars can also make it harder to open the window.

It is also important to keep your curtains or blinds closed to prevent anyone from the outside from peering inside. Similar to street scammers, most thieves are criminals of opportunity. If they spot valuables or electronics, they are more likely to attempt to enter the home.

Protect Your Packages

One of the most common issues that can occur when you are away on a trip is having packages left out on your porch. It can be hard to schedule to have someone pick it up each time a box arrives and make you more vulnerable to theft. Consider having a package locker installed to prevent any of the packages from sitting outside. They are similar to apartment package lockers, but for homeowners and can offer peace of mind to ensure you are not a victim of theft.

You can also contact the post office to hold your mail for the duration of your trip to prevent it from piling up in your mailbox, which can alert criminals that the home is unoccupied. You can pick up the mail from the post office once you return from your travels.

Secure The Garage

Intruders also attempt to get through the garage when they try to break into a house, making it necessary to cover the windows and upgrade to a smart garage door opener. Using home automation will prevent you from accidentally leaving it open when you leave for your trip to ensure you can close the door from a remote location. You can also add extra locks to the door or install a few simple zip ties to make it more challenging to open.

Add Extra Lighting

A well-lit home is less targeted because intruders do not like being in the spotlight as they attempt to break through a door or window. Before you depart on your trip, install extra lighting to your porch, entryway, and walkways to prevent anyone from hiding in the shadows. You also want to install motion sensor lights, which immediately turn when someone walks by and can make them startled and more jittery.

Knowing the best ways to protect your home from intruders is key to reducing the risk of theft, whether you want to safeguard the jewelry in your home or packages that arrive on your porch. With the right tools and techniques, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is less of a target while spending time on your trip and can come home to a safe and secure house.

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