Four Tips To Make Your Home Feel Safe

July 7, 2022

When you feel unsafe in your own home, it is a terrible feeling. You may fear intruders or prowlers. Or perhaps your home feels unsafe because of something that has happened there. Whether you are living alone or have previously dealt with a break-in or natural disaster, it can be highly concerning and even frightening if you do not feel safe in your house. Luckily, there are ways to make your house feel safer and more secure so you no longer worry about potential threats inside your home.

Have Working Security Equipment

Before you do any other work to make your home safer, it is essential to ensure all your security equipment is in good working order. This includes your home alarm system, fire alarms, and any security cameras installed. You should frequently test your home security system. If your home security system works on a phone line, find out if your service provider offers a battery backup in case of a power outage. If you have a monitored security system, ensure your monitoring service is functional and that your service provider has tested and verified your system’s functionality. You do not want to discover a security flaw after an attempted break-in – or worse, after someone has actually broken in.

Install Bright Lighting

Bright lighting outside and inside your home can give the impression it’s occupied even when you are not home. Because burglars prefer to break into unoccupied homes, security experts recommend installing exterior lights and having at least one light above every doorway inside your house. If you have had a break-in or other incident at home, these steps can help make your house less appealing to would-be criminals. In addition, plenty of battery-powered light options are available, which are perfect for indoor areas you do not want to plug into an outlet. Or, you can install a low-voltage wired system, which is excellent for outdoor areas such as walkways, gardens, and driveways.

Get A Guard Dog

Having a dog as a pet is great for so many reasons, but did you know that having a canine companion can also make your home feel safer? While dogs are cute and cuddly, they are also incredibly effective at keeping away criminals. A dog, especially a large-breed dog, can make your home less appealing to potential intruders. Many criminals avoid homes with guard dogs. Having a dog offers more than just a psychological advantage. A dog can help protect a house against break-ins and animal intruders. Check with your local authorities to see if you can legally keep a dog in your neighborhood. Certain breeds are more suitable than others as guard dogs.

Install Safer Windows And Doors

This may not be feasible for every household, but if you can replace an old door or put in new, good-quality windows, it can make a big difference in your home’s security. You can also install a more robust door, such as a metal door, and reinforced door jams to keep doors from buckling under the pressure of forceful kicks. If you do not want to make these upgrades, you can still make your windows more secure by adding bars. You can add bars to the inside or outside of your windows. Bars are an excellent way to keep intruders from opening your windows. They are also a good way to keep children from accidentally falling out of a window.  Finally, if you live in an area prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, you should install windows designed to withstand these particular disasters, such as hurricane windows.  This will make you feel safer inside your home and is also an excellent investment, as it will save you money on repairing your windows if a natural disaster hits your area.

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