Benefits of Energy Efficiency

February 18, 2021

Energy efficiency means doing more while using less. But, energy efficiency plays a much wider role in our lives.


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Energy efficiency seems to be in the air these days, from governments making promises to green ads of energy companies, but do you really know what does this term mean?


1. What Does It Mean To Be Energy Efficient

Something can be labelled energy efficient if it uses less energy to deliver the same or even better result. In short, it means doing more with less. The goal is not to let energy go to waste.


As energy consumption skyrocketed in recent years due to plugged-in modern society, we are in danger of making irreversible damage to the planet and ourselves by polluting air, depleting natural resources and destroying ecosystems. Energy efficiency is the best shot we have to safeguard the planet and the lives of future generations.


2. Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Conserving energy has much more important role in your life than you might think. Benefits of energy-efficiency go beyond saving energy and money.


Improved health

The less we rely on fossil fuels, the cleaner the air. Our health needs a zero-carbon future, and we can achieve it by switching to clean renewable energy that is much more efficient and without the side-effect of pollution. Energy efficiency contributes to preventing asthma attacks, premature deaths, and can result in saving billions in healthcare costs.


A stronger economy

The oil giants have not been criticized for nothing over the last few decades. If you want the fossil fuel industry to become history, you need to be less dependent on them. The battle for oil has resulted in many wars, financial imbalances and poverty across the globe. On the other hand, solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on Earth. Energy efficiency spending is a massive job creator that can provide a huge boost to local economies.


Lowered monthly bills

An energy efficient lifestyle can significantly lower your PECO energy costs as you will be consuming far less energy.


3. Simple Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy efficiency can be as simple as changing a light bulb. The first step is to assess your personal energy usage and identify ways how you can reduce it throughout your daily routine.


– Wash your clothes in eco-mode and let an ecological cleaning agent do its job, you won’t notice a difference. Air dry them.


– Dress for the weather by adding as many layers as you can during winter and investing in warm blankets and covers to ease the strain on your HVAC. During summer, dress as lightly as you can. The beauty of being home is that there is no need to think of your personal image.


– Regularly clean your air filters as any dirt or debris will make your HVAC work harder.


– Try to use your microwave over your stove. When you need to use the oven, don’t preheat or peak to check as you are wasting heat.


– Defrost your freezer before the ice becomes too thick and reduces its efficiency


– During hot summer days, close the shades and invest in dark drapes to keep your house cool. As for cold winter days, open them wide and let the sunshine in as a source of heat, both of which will take a bit of burden off from your AC. Additionally, you can use your ceiling fans both to cool off during summer as well as during winter to spread out the heat evenly throughout the room, only in a counter direction.


– Unplug your electronics when you are not using them to avoid any phantom loads. Also, don’t leave your cellphone plugged in throughout the night as it only needs an hour or two to charge.



The story of energy-efficient habits is a never-ending one. It’s up to you to identify new ways to reduce your energy usage and make this your priority.



Since 2000, the US GDP has grown by about 30%, but due to increased energy efficiency, total energy consumption has remained nearly flat.  But, we still have much work to do. The bottom line is that an energy-efficient lifestyle is really a no-brainer as it helps combat climate change, protects the planet, wildlife and plants while benefiting every single person on Earth by improving our health, quality of life, and finances. Now, let’s get to work as we have a planet to save.

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