6 creative ways to make your home more cozy and energy-efficient

June 9, 2021

With every passing year, we become more and more aware of the consequences of our actions on the environment. The rising climate change and rapidly declining natural resources point to a very gloomy future.

This has revitalized the masses to prioritize sustainability in all actions they take. As a country, Canada is slowly playing an increasing role in this aspect, with 16.3 percent of its energy being delivered from renewable resources, as stated by the Government of Canada. Compared to this, the world average currently stands at 13.4 percent!

On an individual level, you can also play a part in conserving energy and hence natural resources. Here are some of the creative ways you can make your home cozy and energy-efficient at the same time.

  1. Humidify your home

Do you ever find yourself relying too much on your thermostat during the unbearably cold winters? Well, you are certainly not alone! While you cannot eliminate the need for a thermostat completely, you can save energy costs by adding a humidifier to your house.

How does this help? Humidified air tends to feel warmer, and hence you don’t have to set the thermostat at the maximum temperature to feel cozy. Also, install a programmable and energy-star certified thermostat to easily change the temperature as per your need.

Apart from this benefit, humidified air also makes your overall experience with the cold more comfortable. It does so by reducing the onset of dry skin and scratchy throats.

  1. Leverage the natural light

Futuristic home designs now smartly leverage natural light to reduce the dependence on artificial light. After all, there might be no better way to save energy than not use it at all (at least for some parts of the day).


To make the most of the natural light bestowed upon us by Mother Nature, here are the steps you must take when your house is being built:

  • Window Openings: Be strategic about your placement and size of windows.
  • Skylights: Install skylights with active systems that make use of mirrors to capture light down into the skylight.
  • Declutter: Remove any furniture that may be blocking the light from spreading into your rooms.
  1. Switch to LED bulbs

Did you know, according to LED Neon Flex, while a 15-watt fluorescent bulb lasts approximately 8500 hours, a 12.5-watt LED bulb can last a whopping 25,000 hours!


Many dub LED to be among the most energy-efficient lighting technologies available – a technology that has the potential to one day change the landscape of lighting around the world. Energy Star-rated bulbs use 75 percent less energy, thereby being a sustainable lighting option for the masses.

Additionally, since the quality of light produced by these bulbs is considerably better than traditional options, it means that you need lesser bulbs for the same level of lighting, further reducing the burden on manufacturers of producing the items, as well as the energy cost of individuals.

  1. Choose bedding carefully

You must take into account the role your room’s bedding can potentially play in keeping you cozy while reducing your reliance on air conditioners and heaters.

Did you know that there are specific bedding for winter? Such bedding makes use of material that can trap body heat, therefore keeping you warm at night. Similarly, certain materials are made for summers. This includes breathable linens made out of organic and all-natural material.

The best way to remain cozy throughout the year is to invest in both winter and summer bedding (unless you live in an area where it is cold all year round!). You can switch the bedding according to the prevailing weather.

Yes, it is initially a significant investment. But, it can reduce your dependence on energy-consuming items.

  1. Insulate via window dressing and foam insulation

Window dressings can make or break the aesthetic vibe of your place, while a proper insulation system keeps it cozy.

The right window dressings featuring thick fabrics can help in insulating the home. In fact, thick fabrics are ideal throughout the year since they help in keeping the heat in, during winters, and out during summers!


To retain heat within your house during cold winters, opt for foam insulation. Contrary to traditional insulation, such solutions are much better at trapping heat while keeping moisture-related mold and decay at bay.

Additionally, unlike window dressing, this technique can be used throughout the house. For instance, Foam Comfortoffers spray foam insulation on an attic, windows, basement, walls, etc.

  1. Opt for a tankless water heater

No one can deny the satisfaction of running a hot bath during a cold day! But, energy-consumption-wise, traditional water heaters are your enemy.

Does this mean we are asking you to take cold showers? Not at all! We aren’t monsters. We are just advising you to switch to tankless water heaters.

These modern heaters work instantaneously to provide hot water only when you need it. This can help you in avoiding the standby energy losses that are generally associated with traditional water heaters, which tend to store water in advance.

How does it work? Well, every time you turn the hot water tap on, the cold water travels from a pipe into a unit with either an electric element or a gas burner. This element then heats up the water before it reaches you.

This also means that you don’t have to wait for the storage tank to fill up. Nor do you have to ever worry about hot water running out!

Ending Remarks

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices in terms of your well-being. Instead, you can enjoy the same level of comfort, if not more, while saving up on energy costs and, by default, playing a small but important role in preserving the Earth’s resources.

See which of these energy-efficient options you can implement. It is okay to tackle it one step at a time. Little by little, make your house energy-efficient and hence sustainable. Be cozy and guilt-free at the same time!


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