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February 22, 2021

If you are in touch with the latest trends in men’s fashion, you should know by now that watches with green face are becoming very popular. Yes, people are going green for various reasons, and it is essential that a stylish man keeps up with trends and add green watches to his collections. 

Even if you are not a believer in following trends, there are several good reasons to buy a green watch. They are mostly attractive and versatile. If you are also a believer in the powers of ‘green’, then you can be sure that investing in a green wrist watch will be worth it. 

Best Green Face Watches To Buy 

Are you eager to buy a watch with a green face? Here are some of the best ones you can grab right now at the best possible prices: 

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link 2020 Green Face Watch

The Odyssey Two Tone Green Link is a remarkably beautiful watch that will always draw attention to your wrist. In addition to aesthetic appeal, it is one of the most affordable luxury watches you can find anywhere right now. 

Coming to the functionality of this watch, you will be impressed by the advanced chronograph. The watch is also water-resistant (up to 100 meters), with a directional rotating bezel that measures diving time and depth effectively. 

Okeanos Green Steel Link Green Face Watch

If you do not care much about fanciful watches, this is one of the best watches with a green face you can grab straightaway. It is also a truly affordable watch, even by Filippo Loreti’s standards. However, that does not mean this watch is of a low quality. Actually, it is a top-quality watch that is designed in a simple manner. 

The Okeanos Green Steel Link is also a durable watch. It is made of the best available materials for a watch in its class. The sapphire coated mineral glass is scratch-resistant to ensure that the watch will continue to look great, even when you wear it for several years. 

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition Green Face Watch

For many important reasons, this is the right timepiece for real men who want green gold watches that show class. It has a very simple yet impressive design that evokes opulence. The gold-rimmed dial is deep green with a Date of the Month window that will help you to always stay on track. 

Do not be deceived by the simple design; this watch is everything a classic man needs and more. It is a water-resistant watch (up to 100 meters) and features a unidirectional rotating bezel that will accurately measure diving time and depth. The luminous details also mean you can read time in all kinds of environments. 

Odyssey Moss Rose Gold Rubber Green Face Watch

Most men who have a thing for the color ‘green’ or believe that it truly means life or can evoke good things will choose this simple watch anytime. The special design will attract most people. It has a casual green watch dial with an interestingly beautiful green watch strap. 

Judging by the simple design and integrated rubber strap, some people will hesitate to call this a gold watch. But that is exactly what it is — a beautifully designed rose gold and green watch that will stand the test of time. Some will be surprised to see that it truly features advanced chronograph functionality. 

Why Just Filippo Loreti Watches? 

You can observe that all watches recommended here are from Filippo Loreti. This is intentional, and we have our reasons for believing they are the best watches with green face that you can buy at the moment. 

The first major reason to pick Filippo Loreti watches over the others is the fact that they are always of the right quality. The company has a reputation that it protects at all costs. These watches are also not mass-produced and pushed into the market. They are made in small batches, according to orders placed by intending buyers. 

Filippo Loreti also eliminates the problems of middlemen in watch merchandising. They sell directly to customers, eliminating all the stumbling blocks and making watch owners get their luxury watches at the best possible prices. 


Watches with green faces are becoming more popular than ever. The trend is linked to various things, but we believe the attractiveness of green watches and the fact that they are versatile are driving the market. If you want to buy a green dial watch, any of the four recommended here will be a good addition to your collections. If you want to see more options before buying for yourself or a loved one, you should check out Filippo Loreti’s collections of green watches on their official website.  

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