Improve Your Garden With These Decor Ideas

February 22, 2021

Does your garden look a bit lackluster? Does it need some TLC? Then there is no better time than now to work on that outdoor space. A broken garden fencing or one that needs repainting, or a messy garden edging can impact the entire backyard space. You do not have to be a landscape expert to give new life to your garden.

There are various simple additions that can make a significant difference to your outdoor area, even if you are on a tight budget. Whether it is a mini-garden, balcony garden, or a patio, there are tons of garden decor ideas to boost the space.

From inexpensive furniture for outdoors to simple lighting ideas for the garden, summer garden party decoration to pretty planting, there are various smart ways of transforming your outdoor space without breaking a bank. You only need some planning and clever tricks. Here are some ideas to improve your garden:

1. Ornaments

Using ornaments in the garden guides the way you use and shape the outdoor area. It also affects how you feel when you are in it. For example, you can use an iron gate to mark an entrance into a green world; a lantern hung in the tree to elevate your perspective; and a curvy bench to inspire nap time.

Such elements need to be placed carefully to offer practical and effective clues such as “look here”, “turn here”, and “slow down”. Also, your outdoor space benefits from the look of all 4 seasons. But you do not have to overdo it.

2. Dress Up The Entrance

Whether the landscape is big or small, discrete spaces appearing in sequence and connected by paths and passageways add expansiveness and mystery to a stroll. You can create a journey starting with an arbor draped in wisteria around your house and winding downhill, down steps, along the walks, and terraces. This will continue a theme of weatherworn, eye-catching stones.

Generally, paths indicate ways; gates and iron arches that are covered with several vines indicate transitions to various areas. Also, palms, potted bougainvillea, and citrus trees accentuate entries, including a finial perched on a pedestal.

3. Create A Cheap Awning

If your patio garden is compact, it may trap more sun. You can consider hanging a sunshade sail canopy. It will not take up much valuable space like a parasol. Also, it offers a safe shade as some of them offer UV protection.

4. Upcycle Old Drawers into Unique Planters

Instead of allowing them to knock about your house, convert old, unused drawer chests into unique planters. You can use a 4-drawer unit to form two planter tiers that will lend a colorful touch to the garden design.

5. Paint The Fence

Your garden fence needs more attention and care than you think. Have you wondered why the painting does not last long? So, why not enhance the appearance of your outdoor space by painting your fence with more care.

There are outdoor specific paints that help to preserve the finishing. This implies that the color will not fade quickly. In addition, use a playful color rather than using the usual ashy brown or golden shades.

Your shed or trellis can make a statement when you use bright orange color for a Mediterranean feel. If you want to move the focus to the garden plants, use a shade like a holly green to move the eyes away from gates and fences. This will ensure the focus shifts to the background.

6. A DIY Bird Feeder

You do not always need to do big things to change the appearance of your garden. It may just be as simple as the sound you hear in it. You can boost the atmosphere of your space by making a bird feeder. This will attract birds and their songs will enhance a feeling of positivity around you. You may want to check out to know how to make a bird feeder.

7. Make A Mini Garden For Vegetables

If you do not have enough funds or space and you want a sustainable garden, you can try an organized vegetable trug. You do not need to have a complete veggie patch. Just get some used boxes, vases, or pots to plant your veggies; label and arrange them neatly, in rows on your outdoor space.

8. Hanging Baskets

These are simple to create and appear stunning. Ensure you use compost for multiple purposes and feed them tomato food regularly. If you are placing them around a sunny area, plant the sun-loving Bacopa and Surfinias. For plants that love shady corners, try trailing Fuchsia and Lobelia.

9. Create A Bar Outdoors

You can create a bar in your outdoor space to minimize moving back into the house to get drinks when you are hosting guests outside. This could make cocktail hours seem like an alfresco activity. The materials required to make your own serving area are sold in local DIY stores.

Also, you can keep things simple by upcycling old wooden carts. Ensure that you treat the wood to protect it from the elements. You can keep the drinks cool by filling the drink buckets with ice.

10. Perk Up The Patio With Rugs

You can place outdoor rugs and some large floor cushions over grubby patios or faded decking. This will instantly uplift the outdoor area, making it entertaining and stylish like your interior. You can choose designs with patterns on the two sides of the rugs.

That way, it will be easy to flip them when they start losing their color due to the sun. You can click here to find more ideas that will help to increase the curb appeal of your home.


Your outdoor space does not have to be boring. You can improve its appearance by trying some of the ideas shared in this article. By upcycling some old items, you are giving them a second chance to be new. You are also increasing the aesthetics of your space.

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