Five Tips For A Wardrobe Makeover That Will Not Break The Bank

February 23, 2021

How do you update your wardrobe while maximizing the clothes you still have? This is a persistent dilemma that many fashionistas or sharp dressers have to deal with. Whether you are dealing with a major life change or are simply struggling with closet boredom, know that there is nothing wrong with how you feel. It is perfectly normal for tastes and clothing needs to change over time for one reason or another. When this occurs, do not just buy tights or the next cable-knit sweater you see. You need to take a hard look at your wardrobe and make a few changes.

Now, this should not be a reason to give away everything you have to wear when a makeover may be the only thing your wardrobe needs. A small update to your closet can make a huge difference in the outfit possibilities you have on hand. And if you are on a budget, here are some things you can do to spruce your ensembles up:

Buy New Clothes At Discounted Prices

If you think your wardrobe could use some new clothes, you can save a few bucks by shopping during a sale, visiting your favorite store or website’s sale section, or using a discount code. Look around the sales sections of your favorite stores for pieces that you see yourself wearing on different occasions. There might be gems that are worth getting at reduced prices.

If you happen to be online shopping when there isn’t a sitewide sale, use a discount code to avoid paying full price for your items. You can use an influencer’s code, take advantage of your store credit (if you have any), or use coupon sites to get discounts when shopping.


Hats, scarves, socks, hosiery, and jewelry are a great way to refresh your current outfits because they add something extra to your ensembles. Whether you want your accessories to work as an accent or become the whole statement, incorporating them into an outfit can make a world of difference. The best part is that you can normally buy many accessories in bulk since inexpensive jewelry sets, hosiery value packs, and sock packs are quite easy to find and can give you the variety you need to spice up your everyday outfits.

Invest In “Completer” Pieces

Jackets, cardigans, vests, and many other cold-weather essentials can complete an outfit and help keep you warm. Having a gorgeous and versatile jacket or coat can go a long way because you can layer it over any simple outfit to instantly upgrade your style factor. While outerwear can be costly, it is still more cost-effective to buy one or two of these than shopping in bulk for basics like shirts and bottoms.

Go Thrifting

In a world that has been overtaken by fast fashion and changing trends, one of the most sustainable and responsible options you have is to buy second-hand clothes. People tend to clean out their closets and give away their clothes regularly, with many of these still being in mint condition.

Peruse the shelves at your local thrift store or browse online thrift sites for preloved clothes. Aside from barely used clothes, there may also be pre-owned designer clothes on these websites at affordable prices. It just takes some digging around to find them.

Do A Clothing Swap With Friends

Do you have friends who have the same style as you? You can gather them all together and have a clothing swap meet. This is also a great time to bond with your friends while you exchange some of your old clothes for theirs. After all, there is something fun and intimate about sharing stories and spending time with your friends while you all trade your preloved clothes with each other. The best part is you don’t have to spend on any new clothes. You simply give away your old clothes for pieces from your lovely, fashionable friends.

Giving your wardrobe a makeover does not have to be costly or inconvenient. By making a few small changes, you can make the clothes that you already have work with the new additions in your wardrobe.

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