Three Secrets For Living Your Dream As A Woman Entrepreneur

February 28, 2021

Whether you are starting or have been an entrepreneur for some time, the single most important question to ask yourself is: “Am I living my dream?”

Many women start their businesses, because they are inspired by a dream. That is just the beginning. The fact is: your dream is kindling. It is a light for starting a toasty fire. To get the fire going strong and keep it roaring, you need to know three critical secrets.

Learning Is Earning

Learning is the fastest way to grow your skills and boost bottom-line profits. 

Considering Starting Your Business

If you are just beginning to think of going into business for yourself, turn to the Internet. Explore what other women are doing to find their best route in business. Organize your time and determine your best route. Take a look at the things that spark joy and passion for you. 

In Business, But It Is Not Feeling Right

If you have started a business, but it is not feeling right…take heed. You may have started your business years ago. You have changed. The world has changed. The market has changed. If you are not feeling the passion, it is time to investigate. 

If talking with friends and family is not helping, talk to an expert counselor. Getting mental health assistance is a smart move. Speaking with a professional in a confidential setting can help you explore your passion and make significant changes. Start living your dreams — for real.

In Business, And It Is Growing Fast

If you are in business and it is growing by leaps and bounds…take note. You may be looking at a time when you have important decisions to make. Perhaps it is time to hire a project manager, office manager, or head of operations.

If your business is in a growth spurt, check out how much this is impacting your life. Are you sleeping at the office? Are you going home just to do laundry and check the mail? Are you losing touch with family, friends, and loved ones?

While growth seems great on the balance sheet, rapid expansion can wreak havoc on your personal life and your health.

In each of these scenarios, you can take time to learn. Each time you educate yourself on possible options and choices, you will discover a hidden treasure. Namely, learning is earning. The more you learn, the more you will earn.

Talking And Listening To Your Clients

One of the greatest sources of information and insight is right within reach. Simply, it is talking to our clients and listening deeply. 

Many entrepreneurs know this to be true. Clients will tell you what is working, what is not working — if you genuinely ask. Of course, they also want to know that you are listening. 

Many businesses have grown by listening to the hopes, dreams, frustrations, and challenges of their prospects and clients. 

Here are a few ways you can do this right now:

• Explore what customers do not like about your competition

• Check favorable feedback and reviews for your competition

• Ask your top clients for input

• Conduct a contest for product innovation

• Talk to your top prospects one-on-one

You will have valuable insights to help you determine the best way forward.

Being Yourself

Many successful women in business struggle with being authentic and real. It makes sense. In early childhood, school, and jobs, we tried to please authorities. Many women got used to conforming to the rules.

The thing is: you are in business for yourself, because you are unique. There is only one you. If you have to please authority, please yourself. If you must win approval, approve yourself.

Brené Brown describes this in Braving the Wild as giving yourself a permission slip. Give yourself permission to be creative, individual, and wild. Show your passion and spark the world with your unique self. 

Being yourself is not something to aim for achieving overnight. You may need to make a game plan for speaking up, speaking out, and taking more risks. The good news? With a little focus, you will discover it is easier and easier to practice bravery and courage. You will notice the positive results in speaking with prospects, negotiating deals, and delivering outstanding work.

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