How Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Works

March 19, 2021

When you think about laser hair removal, you probably think of legs and armpits. Though those are popular choices among clients who seek out laser hair removal, a lesser-known option that you can choose when getting hair removal is the Brazilian option.

If you are tired of getting waxes or shaving down there, this may sound like an intriguing option to you. But how does it even work? And are there risks involved, since it is such a sensitive area? Here is how it works:

The Basics Of Laser Hair Removal

First off, we need to cover how laser hair removal works at the basic level. Laser hair removal uses a thing called IPL, or intense pulsating light, to charge the melanin in your hair follicles. This light energy gets converted to heat energy in the follicle, which then damages it to the point where it no longer produces more hair.

Speaking plainly, an intense light zaps your hair follicle so that no more hair will grow from it. After a few treatments, hair in the affected area grows back thinner and weaker and eventually may stop altogether with proper maintenance.

How Your Brazilian Is Different Than Other Hair Removal

So, how exactly does laser hair removal work down there? Brazilian laser hair removal works in pretty much exactly the same way as other laser hair removal, but with a few key differences. The biggest one is the level of strength of the laser. 

The laser is adjusted based on both the color of your hair and skin and the type of hair it is being used on. Since pubic hair is coarse and the surrounding skin is thin and very sensitive, the laser will have to be calibrated to delicately remove hair from the area by your laser technician.

The Day Of

On the day of your Brazilian laser hair removal appointment, you will go into a room with your technician and undress from the waist down. Your technician will then calibrate the levels on the laser and begin.

They will move the laser over your pubic area and around your backside, too (if that is the service you choose), zapping the hairs as they go. It will take a few passes over each area of skin to get it done.

Do not be surprised when you still have some stubborn hair sticking around after all of that. You will have to schedule a few different appointments to get the best results, and then upkeep will be required every 6 months after that.

Pain Level

How much does it hurt? That depends on a few things. Your pain tolerance and sensitivity of the area are huge factors in how much this procedure will hurt for you. Pain tolerance can also fluctuate especially if you are on your period, so if you know you are more sensitive around that time, you may want to try and schedule around it.

Pain ranges from a rubberband slap feeling to a really bad sunburn, and since this is a sensitive area, be prepared for some soreness.

You should be very careful with the area in the days following treatment, using a cool rag to provide pain relief and reduce swelling. Do not wear tight, uncomfortable underwear or use harsh body washes, as these can cause further irritation.

Is It Worth it?

So, is a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment worth it? That really depends on you, your pain tolerance level, and your budget. Some people swear by their Brazilian hair removal appointments, while others prefer to stick to shaving or waxing. If the investment is worth it for long-lasting bare skin, you should give it a try.

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