Photography 101: How To Buy The Best Photography Backdrops

March 25, 2021

If you are new to the photography industry, having your studio may be a challenge. You can start with using the basement, your studio, or the garage. But what is more challenging is having the best photography backdrops. They are the main ingredient for photographers whose specialties include wedding photography, family photography, and other portrait-related photography. They come in different textures, sizes, and materials. Also, they range from simple and solid colors to subtle patterns.

Photography solid backdrops are essential for photoshoots because they brighten up the picture perfectly. Using the best background allows you to have an edge to communicate to the viewers. Ultimately, it makes them understand what the photo is trying to convey.

However, choosing a backdrop could lead to two possible problems:

  1. Buying backdrops can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know where to buy them. Every day, it is like you could see a new website where you can find backdrops, which can be confusing.
  2. Not all backdrops are the same. You might find some that look nice on the website, but you will be in shock once you find out they are low-quality and are not worth buying.

I have come up with tips to help you buy the best photography backdrops. You will find out more if you keep reading.

Your Guide In Buying Photography Backdrops

There are three essential things you should learn if you want to buy the best photography backdrops:

What type of photography backdrop do you need?

You have to think about what type of photography backdrop you require — do you need something you can conveniently move from one place to another? If so, you might go for a collapsible backdrop. Do you need to have your own studio space? If you do, then your best option is a microfiber backdrop.

  • Collapsible backdrops. These disc-shaped backdrops can make the shoot easy for you, thanks to its easy-to-setup feature. You can take them down and transport them from one photoshoot location to the next if you have to do multiple shoots in one day. 
  • Microfiber backdrops. If you have space, you can hang them from the wall or on the ceiling. They come in different sizes, from 3×5 feet to 10×20 feet, for easy selection and identification. Most importantly, they are easy to clean. They are your best bet if you want a backdrop that is beautiful and durable.
  • Green screen backdrops. If you want your subject to have any background. Just like collapsible backdrops, you can easily set them up, thanks to their frame components. Also, they are easy to store. You can put them in a closet, in the corner of the studio, or just under your bed at home. You can also store them in their containers to protect them from dirt and dust.

There are other types of backdrops you can choose from, but these are the most common.

What look do you want for your portraits?

When we talk about portrait backdrops, you will find thousands and thousands of looks you can use. But, you have to figure out how you want yours to look. It can be overwhelming at first, but if you work with top-quality companies, you will understand that whatever your option is, the quality will always be top-notch. Below are some samples of different looks that you can use for your portraits:

  • Hand-painted backdrops. If your goal is to achieve an elegant, custom look, then hand-painted backdrops will never fail you. The richness of these backdrops makes them perfect if you want to achieve a detailed and classic background for your portraits. Also, using them makes your photos even more unique. After all, you can never create the same pictures using hand-painted backgrounds.
  • Textured backdrops. For photographers today, these are among the most popular choices. That is thanks to their versatility. You can choose from hundreds of designs and colors to help you make a collection of textured backdrops. They will be a great addition to your studio! Also, they have a 3D effect. The portraits will have greater dimensionality, whether you choose a damask backdrop or an abstract backdrop.
  • Theme backdrops. There are times when you will need theme backdrops for your photos. After all, it is not always about finding the right style. For example, it is helpful to have themed backgrounds for Christmas portraits, birthday portraits, and other special events. 
  • Combo sets. With a rubber float mat and a beautiful backdrop, they give you the best of both worlds. What makes them an exceptional choice is that they allow you to create a consistent look from the ceiling to the floor. When you have a floor mat, you do not need to worry about the floor anymore since it does not show in the pictures. Combo sets also let you mix and match the looks if you want the background and the mat to have the same design. If you are on a tight budget, you can also go for floor drops or wood backdrops.

Where can you buy photography backdrops?

With all these options you have, the next question is where to find the best photography backdrops. It seems like every day, the market continues to grow, broadening your options for backgrounds. It is a lot easier to buy them today, but the problem is that not all companies provide good-quality products. Having so many options can be a good thing, but it can also be confusing at the same time. How sure are you that you are getting your money’s worth?

You have the option to choose which photo backdrops you want to buy. However, your decision should depend on the subject you are capturing. Also, to get the most value for your money, you do not just buy from anywhere. You will find the perfect photo backdrops in V-Flat’s collection of products if you analyze the subject of the picture you want to capture. If you buy an assortment of studio backdrops, you will find a proper selection whenever you need it. With V-Flat’s collection, every focus point you capture will complement a specific backdrop, expanding the possibilities for your portfolio. 

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