The significance of e-commerce post-Covid-19 as illustrated by Gary Saitowitz

March 26, 2021

With businesses shut down and limitations on physical movement. Every industry has undergone severe losses owing to COVID-19. The worldwide pandemic has brought within its shackles every element of human life. Entrepreneurs thereby are taking to the digital platform for progressing with their entrepreneurial activities. Various digital entrepreneurs have experienced rapid expansion in their business operations in the past few months. In the Covid-19 situation, there has been an acceleration in the growth of the e-commerce industries.

The ways Covid-19 affected e-commerce businesses, as stated by Gary Saitowitz

Since March 2020, the entire world went into quarantine, forcing millions of individuals to shut down their businesses. The quarantine days were strict with regards to physical distancing norms and the movement of individuals outdoors. The growing number of individuals losing their jobs with financial burdens developing on them made matters worse. However, with time, there has been a relaxation in the rigid regulation of state authorities.

According to Gary Saitowitz, businesses are reopening their operations with strict social distancing norms, using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, wearing face masks with temperature checks, taking these safety precautions seriously. It is here that the popularity of e-commerce stands significant.

It is here that traditional shopping is becoming hard, as people are scared to step out of their homes. It is providing a significant impetus to the eCommerce platforms. These outlets have provided customers with an easy way of getting hold of their products and services.

Factors that contribute to e-commerce growth

The conveniences associated with e-commerce platforms is a crucial reason behind their growing popularity. You have to look into some of the justifications, which clients put up for why they continue to shop on the digital platform

  • New shopping habit: because of the current situation, people resort to the digital platform for getting hold of their essentials. The circumstance is not over. Even after there has been a relaxation of strict legislation, people are still holding onto the old pattern.


  • The fear of Covid-19 is not running to disappear soon: even after the quarantine has ended, people are cautious about the risks associated with outdoor activities. It is making them prefer shopping from their homes with the devices next to them.


  • The growth of mobile devices makes it easier to browse and shop: to browse and shop, people are using digital media. Since everyone today is a smartphone user, it has become easy for them to place orders from their homes’ comfort zone.


  • When items are limited in the physical stores, they get an option online: essentials like toilet paper, kitchen essentials, and perishable food items have seen a scarcity in the past few months. People had to stand in long queues to get hold of their commodities. It is here that the online platform provided them with their daily essentials when they were scarce in other areas.

Wide selection, discounted prices, and convenience are reasons people still look into the online retail avenues for their production services. This trend will continue because the Types of E-Commerce platform has provided individuals with comfort.


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