Best Siding Materials that will Beautify your House

April 2, 2021

Are you building the house of your dreams? The siding of your dream home has to withstand the summer sun, the strong winds, precipitation, and the bitter cold of the winter. So, it should be strong and durable. With the advancement in technology and the manufacturing of siding material, there are various options available for you to choose from. If you want help with your dream house’s siding, look for professionals near you who deal with Benchmark siding.

Out of a multitude of options, the most popular siding materials are–

  • Brick

Any building with brick masonry is better at cooling down during long periods of hot weather. This kind of siding usually can last through the life of a building but can sometimes deteriorate as the gaps between the bricks are filled with mortar.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl siding is easy to install and is indestructible as it is weather and insect-resistant. It comes at a lower price than most and is a low-maintenance siding. But depending on where your house is situated, it can accumulate mold and grime and require occasional repair.

  • Wood

Choose the wood that is suitable for the region you are building your house in. Make sure to enquire about how resistant it is to rot, splitting, checking, or cupping. Wood siding needs a lot of maintenance because moisture can cause mold, and the sun’s heat can fade the finish.

  • Engineered Wood

If you are not a person who can keep up with the high maintenance natural wood but like its look, engineered wood is your choice. It is an eco-friendly alternative and is cheaper and easier to install. But it can be prone to moisture damage.

  • Stucco

It is highly labor-intensive siding because it requires three coats. The material is not very pricey and allows moisture to evaporate. This siding is ideal for areas where the amount of precipitation is normal, and it can last up to 50 to 80 years.

  • Stone Veneer

Manufactured to look like the natural stone, it is much cheaper than its original alternative. Made with a mixture of Portland cement, stone veneer is lightweight aggregate, iron-oxide pigments, and much lighter weight. However, it can be easily broken and is a lot less durable.

  • Fiber Cement

Available in a variety of styles and colors, fiber cement siding is low maintenance. It is highly durable, rot and insect resistant, and is also resistant to damage from salt and ultraviolet rays. It usually needs refurnishing after every 15 years.

  • Aluminum

Usually a popular option in coastal areas, its low price, and reasonable maintenance make it a sensible option for homeowners everywhere. It is rust-resistant but can dent or lose its shine and glaze with time. Fix these problems with a fresh coat of paint.

Choose the material for the siding of your house wisely, keeping in mind your local climate, the location and style of your house, and your willingness to maintain it in the future. The siding of your house needs to be durable and look good over the years as well.


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