Top Six Unique Ideas For Men’s Wedding Bands

April 8, 2021

A wedding band is a symbol of love and commitment. As far as American men have gone, their wedding bands are either a solid gold, silver, or platinum band with a small round over, and on some occasions, they wear a band that is slightly thicker or thinner with an inscription on the inside. But with changing times, men’s tastes are also changing. Besides women, men also have diverse options of bands to choose from., the top online jewelry store, offers men’s wedding bands in a wide range of styles.

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 ideas for men’s wedding bands. So, if you want to know what those are then without any hesitations continue reading the article.

Before discussing the ideas let us first see how to choose a men’s wedding band. It is obvious that if you are going to buy a wedding band then you must have some metrics using which you will buy the perfect ring. 

Here are some of the basic metrics:

Comfort and Fit

It is expected that the wedding band you will buy will be on your finger for decades. So, make sure that it fits properly and you are comfortable with it.

Daily Lifestyle

It is advisable to choose a wedding band based on your daily lifestyle.


You can easily get a wedding band from anywhere ranging from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 or more. But you should always try to narrow down your options by clarifying your budget beforehand.

Now let’s discuss the ideas for men’s wedding bands:

Unique Textures

If you want a wedding band that is a bit unique from the usual smooth gold bands then you must go for a textured band. You will have a wide range of texture options starting from herringbone to tree bark to choose from. Besides this, you can also have a wedding band that is customized for a unique texture.

Black Gold 

It will be pretty impressive if you have a black gold band as they are very rarely seen. These rings are costlier and their cost depends on the size of the stone used. The bigger the stone is the more will be the cost. Metals like platinum, palladium, or white gold can be used to enhance the contrasting color of the rings.

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Nowadays, wedding bands of wood are very popular. They are available in various cool designs and styles starting from walnut to deer antler. To provide rigidity and strength, wood wedding bands are toughened by tungsten and other hard metals.


If you are looking for wedding bands that are durable and affordable then the tungsten carbide band is the right choice for you. Tungsten bands are highly durable, lightweight, and scratch-resistant. According to Jewelry Wise, Tungsten is a hypoallergenic element and four times harder than titanium, and requires very little maintenance. These bands are also affordable than gold and platinum.

Diamonds and Gems

Diamond bands are not only popular among girls, nowadays wedding bands of diamonds and gems are becoming popular among men also. Some men like the traditionally styled bands with a diamond only in the center while some like a band with a full diamond setting.


Nowadays, men are going beyond simple bands and are choosing what matches their personalities. These are the top 6 ideas of men’s wedding bands. Always remember to use the metrics while buying a band. 

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