Best Tartan Miniskirts For Women

June 2, 2021

You might have noticed your favorite celebrities wearing miniskirts and looking all chic and classy and you might think that it is trending nowadays. Well yes! You are right, but I do think that you should not be surprised to find out that it is more classic than it is trendy. Plaid skirts, in particular, are having the limelight right now among the fashion trends, and can now be found at retailers high and low. 

Now, I know what you are confused about, and yes you are thinking right, plaid miniskirts might give off a school-uniform vibe — this is a fact that cannot be denied, but they are also more attractive and versatile than you might think. Here I am going to prove it to you with the below outfit ideas. Some of these skirts go for the school-uniform look, coming pleated in navy-and-red check print. Fashion girls are riffing on this motif, styling them with oversize button-down shirts, chunky knits, blazers, jackets, and tall boots. For a fresher take, though, several pastel versions are also emerging.

Tartan Midi Flare Skirt

Starting with the look that will make you rock the floor no matter where you wear it. It is a midi flare skirt, you can choose any color for the skirt and pair it with preferably a white mock neck sweater or any white top, and boom! This is going to be your favorite outfit of all time being perfect for any casual event. Remember that the color of the top is still your choice, but I stated white as it takes the game to another level of classiness.

  • High waisted mini skirt

This is a secret tip to a beautiful yet classy miniskirt look. Get a high-waisted mini skirt with a chunky top of your favorite color. Ideally, go monotone with this outfit if you want to stand out with this outfit. You can consider wearing a chunky knit sweater with a tartan miniskirt, which will make you look lovely and lean and then pair this outfit with black ballet flats to keep your look agile and simple.

  • Mini skater skirt

For an adorable and stunning girl-next-door look, you can choose a classic black and red tartan mini skater skirt paired with a black turtleneck chunky knit sweater. To make the outfit look even more stylish and trendy while maintaining its feminine side, wear black stockings and black leather Chelsea boots. To add to the elegance of the outfit, wear a simple black leather purse.

  • Classic black and red tartan mini skirt

Who does not like a black and red tartan mini skirt? Of course, nobody can ever say no to a classic black and red tartan mini skirt and if you pair it up with the right top and accessories and stuff then, it is a cherry on top. So, for top to wear with this classic mini skirt, you must have gazillions of options in mind, but let me tell you that a black leather jacket is I suppose is the best combo with this skirt, you can also choose a grey t-shirt, black stockings, and black suede ankle boots to complete the outfit with a girly touch. A woman wearing a tartan mini skirt can complement men in kilt and they both can easily rock the party. 

  • Plaid mini skirt

It is a beautiful, yet decent-looking maroon mini red plaid skirt. It is elegant yet very comfortable to wear. It has pockets on either side at the front adding even more elegance and a style statement to it. Adding stockings beneath will give an extra push to the look.

  • Asymmetric plaid skirt

A perfectly pleated mini skirt having distinctive checks looks sophisticated, yet elegant on girls especially when paired with a matching coat with a plain white shirt underneath. 

Tops To Go With A Tartan Mini Skirt   

  • Black blazer with a print tee 

Black and white mini-skirt topped with the same-colored print tee and blazer is a win for a stylish yet simple street look.

  • Black button-up shirt with white-collar 

Get yourself a black button-up shirt and a navy and white tartan mini skirt along with black leggings and you are all set to look adorable and chic in the next event you are attending. 

  • Denim jacket 

A denim jacket with a grey tartan mini skirt is for sure the classiest casual outfit. 

  • Black cropped t-shirt

You can wear a black cropped t-shirt with a black and grey high-waisted tartan skater mini skirt. Pair this low-key sexy outfit with a pair of black combat boots to add a stylish touch. 

  • White ribbon bow blouse

This is surely the simplest, classiest, and most adorable option to go with your tartan mini skirt. wear a white blouse with a navy ribbon bow. Pair it with a black and red tartan flannel mini skirt. The red ballet heels are the perfect shoes to match with the skirt to complete the look making you stand out. 

  • Burgundy blazer and white ripped sweater

A white cable knit form-fitting sweater with a burgundy blazer. Pair them with a navy and blue tartan skater mini skirt. Wear black thigh-high socks and black heels to a lovely touch to the outfit. 


I have listed for you all the options above in which you can wear a tartan miniskirt to look classy and elegant. If you have read it thoroughly, I am pretty sure you have already designed your tartan outfit in your mind and are going to get one as soon as possible. Trust me, you can grab all the attention and limelight with the tartan miniskirts when you pair them with accurate top, colors, and accessories. For an everyday style, pair a neutral plaid skirt with a classic stripe top. Or try a nautically colored tartan skirt with a white shirt, accessorized with a tan satchel and loafers. Similarly, you can take the look one step further with colorful sweaters, knee-high socks, and brogues. You must have gazillion options after reading this article considering your likes and dislikes. So don’t wait, go get yourself a cool tartan miniskirt to wear for the next event.

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