Will The N95 Mask Help Protect Against Coronavirus: Yes, Here Is How

June 2, 2021

Surgical masks and N95 respirators are examples of PPE used to safeguard a user from liquid contaminating the face and airborne particles. OSHA, the CDC, and the NIOSH additionally regulate N95 respirators.

It is vital to know that the best method of preventing airborne transmission includes using a blend of interventions from around the hierarchy of controls and not just Personal Protection Equipment alone.

Should I Buy A Surgical Mask Or Buy A N95 Mask?

Surgical masks are disposable, loose-fitting devices that create a physical barrier between the nose and mouth of the user and possible contaminants within the immediate environment. A surgical mask is regulated underneath the 21 CFR 878.4040. A surgical mask is not to be shared and might be labeled as isolation, surgical, medical, or dental procedure mask. They might come without or with a face shield. They are often called face masks, though not every face mask is regulated as a surgical mask, reaching out to Source Ortho to buy online face mask.

They are manufactured in different abilities and thicknesses to safeguard you from coming into contact with liquids. In addition, those properties might impact how easily it is possible to breathe through the facial covering and how well the surgical covering keeps you safe.

If properly worn, a surgical mask is supposed to assist in blocking splashes, large-particle droplets, sprays, or splatter containing germs, preventing them from reaching your nose and mouth. Also, such masks might help decrease the exposure of your respiratory secretions and saliva to other people.

A surgical mask might be efficient at blocking large-particle droplets and splashes, but a facial mask, by design, does not block or filter tiny particles in the atmosphere that might be transmitted by sneezes, coughs, or specific medical treatments. Plus, surgical masks do not offer complete protection from germs and additional contaminants due to the loose fit between your face and the surface of the mask.

A surgical mask is not supposed to be used more than one time. If the mask is soiled or damaged, or if breathing through your mask becomes challenging, it is recommended to remove your face mask, safely discard it then replace it with a fresh one. To safely discard the mask, put it inside a plastic bag and toss it into the trash. Wash your hands after you handle a used mask.

Buy N95 Mask 

You should buy an N95 mask, as it is a respiratory protective device made to accomplish a snug facial fit and efficient blocking of airborne particles. Another reason to buy an N95 mask? The respirator’s edges are made to form a seal around your mouth and nose. A surgical N95 Respirator is usually used in a healthcare setting and is a subset of an N95 FFR (Filtering Facepiece Respirator), oftentimes called N95s.

N95 Respirators In HealthCare And Industrial Settings

Some N95 respirators are meant to be used in health care settings. Specifically, a disposable, single-use respiratory protective device worn and used by healthcare workers during treatments to protect both the health care worker and patient from the transfer of body fluids, particulate material, and microorganisms. The surgical N95 respirator is a class II device regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, under 21 CFR 878.4040, and NIOSH and Centers for Disease Control under 42 CFR Part 84.

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