Health risks associated with forklift operation and its prevention

June 9, 2021

Health risks come in with every occupation but knowing how to deal with them and preventing them is very important. Forklift operators get exposed to health risks on an everyday basis. For example, sitting for long hours, clenching, and twisting the neck to see behind can adversely affect health. If you want to know how you can avoid the health risks if you are a forklift operator, there are a few suggestions.

Back and neck pain

For forklift operators, back and neck pain is widespread. It can result directly from the work environment or any poor habits. Back and neck pain can emerge from the vibration of the entire body. Shaking or vibration of the entire body gets transmitted through the forklift seat., backrest or floor. It can aggravate existing problems of back pain. To avoid this, you can

• Reduce your speed

• Use the seat with air suspension to decrease the amount of vibration that gets transferred to your entire body

• Tried to travel less over an event or wrap surfaces

Sitting for lengthy hours

Sitting for a long time can sometimes be unavoidable for a person working as a forklift operator. Strain to muscles is a result of the constant twisting of the seat. To avoid this, you can

• Take small breaks to stretch. It will help you relax your tensed muscles

• Try to readjust your vehicle seat.

• You can put the maximum pressure on your seat backrest to take off some pressure from your back.

Bad posture

Bad posture can be a hazardous health risk when you constantly sit in the same place and position for a long time. If you want to combat bad posture,

• Try to avoid slouching forward to reach out to the controls

• Do not keep your wallet in the back pocket as this will cause uneven seating and strain on the back.

Pain in the shoulder

Shoulders get sore and stiff due to the heavy amount of work done by a forklift operator. Constant operating of the steering, hydraulic controls, address potato can cause strain and stiffness in the shoulder. To avoid pain in the shoulder and muscle fatigue,

• While driving, you can try to place your elbows towards the inside

• Keep stretching at short in regular intervals

• Getting a seat that has an armrest will help you to protect your back and shoulder

Pain in the knee

Knee pain is widespread in forklift operators. A lot of tension in the lower body can cause stress. To avoid knee pain,

• Try using a brace made for the knee

• Standing for long hours can be very stressful on the knee; therefore, try sitting down or walking around for a short minute at regular intervals

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injuries are prevalent due to aggressive acceleration and unforeseen breaks. It can be excruciating and cause symptoms like headaches, dizziness, stiffness, and neck pain. To avoid such injuries,

• You should always start your vehicle and stop it smoothly

• Always pay very close attention to the speed limits while you are working

Proper training is thus required if you want to work as a forklift operator. You can learn the mechanism in forklift training schools. You can search for forklift training school near me. Become an expert before you start operation.

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