Why A Windscreen Chip Needs Prompt Repair

June 22, 2021

You were driving off-road on your latest adventure and a stone hit your windscreen.

While the damage does not seem to be a matter of concern, even small impacts from flying rocks, can result in your windscreen getting chipped.

Many people do not realise, but windscreen chips need prompt attention. Chips have different effects on the glass and they should be fixed asap.

Some do not worry about a chip on their windshield unless it is in their line of vision. But despite this, any damage should be repaired immediately. This is regardless of where it occurs.

Want to know exactly why you should fix that issue now? Read on to learn more.

Windscreen Repair Is Cheaper Than Replacement

This is the main reason that you should act fast and get your windscreen repaired cheaply before it is too late. Otherwise you will need to pay more from a company that does windscreen replacements.

It could be just minor now but it can grow into a big problem fast. Driving causes lots of vibrations which can cause small chips to expand into large cracks. Even heat fluctuations caused by weather can cause this to happen too. Stop by Mobile Windshield Repair in Poway to get it fixed now!

Windscreens Are Important For Safety

Gone are the days when windshield’s only purpose was for wind, debris, and dust protection. While this glass still serves these purposes, it also provides a lot more protection for your vehicle than many people realise.

A damaged windscreen risks the structural integrity of the car. Once it is compromised and you need to step on the emergency brakes, this will be quite dangerous.

It also will be susceptible to more damage when it is chipped and the weather is extreme. To avoid the costs of replacing the glass, a chip should be repaired when first noticed.

When involved in an accident, it also helps in protecting the occupants. Instead of the glass breaking into shards, it breaks but remains intact.

It Protects Devices On The Windscreen

If the windscreen has some technology on it, there is a chance it will be damaged as well. If it has been chipped, the repairs should be done early.

What if the potential accident warning devices are damaged just because the windscreen was not repaired? This would be more expensive and it should be prevented.

Going back to when the car is involved in an accident. The front airbags need to deploy properly if they are to serve the purpose.

A damaged windscreen will impede the risky deployment. It exposes the occupants to fatal injuries.

What Causes Cracks And Chips To Spread?

If you drive every day, the car is stressed, and this includes the windshield. Some of these impacts from hitting potholes and bumps could lead to spreading.

If dirt and debris settle in the crack, it forces it to expand. Temperature changes especially, when it is extremely hot are another cause.

When Should A Repair Be Done?

An auto glass specialist will check on the windshield to determine whether a repair is possible. If it has had chips or cracks before, the repair may not be the best option. 

If the cracks on the entire glass are less than three, it can usually be repaired. If there are more, then a repair will not be ideal. 

When the repair is away from the driver’s side, it is usually safe to repair it. Remember that some residual markings will be left behind once the repair has been done. It may bring discomfort to the driver.

A repair can also be done if the crack or chip does not touch the edge or the corner of the glass. This is because it is easy for it to give in to simple impacts.

The best repair is when a crack is in the middle of the screen, and it is small.

Some of these issues leave the structural integrity of the glass weak. 

How Long Should You Wait Before You Can Repair The Windscreen

A windshield repair should not wait. It should be done immediately or as soon as the issue is identified. It is not only a visual obstruction for the driver, but it weakens and will not be able to withstand different impacts. 

Remember that with time cracks and chips spread. The more you wait, the more they spread and the more expensive it will be to fix it. 

Why Should A Chip Be Repaired By A Professional?

Professionals will inspect and understand the extent of the damage. This is even before they can attempt to repair it.

They offer the most viable solution to the damage. It is also safe to have them repair it and it is fast. A certified technician will also ensure they do a quality job.


The windshield should always be in the best condition. It must be roadworthy at all times and should offer the necessary safety. 

When it is chipped, this will not be the case. The structural integrity will be affected and in case of an accident, the roof will likely cave in.

There are different kinds of chips while some may not spread quickly, there are others that will. Since you cannot tell how risky the chip is, it is best done immediately.

It is only wise to have a technician look at it and recommend the most viable repair.

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