The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Automation Testing

June 29, 2021

Mobile automation refers to automating the testing on a mobile device. The automation is accomplished through tools, which aids in shortening the testing time cycle. Many tools are available for mobile automation, some of which are paid, and others are open source. Mobile automation testing is usually complex for the fact that there are numerous devices to test on. It is also complicated for the fact that there are too many functionalities to test.

Understanding the different types of mobile applications

  1. IOS/ANDROID Applications: Native apps are only available for iOS or Android. An iOS app is packaged as an IPA binary file, which may subsequently be tested using various frameworks. And an Android programmed is packaged as an APK file, which can eventually be tested.

  2. Hybrid applications: A hybrid application has access to all of the operating system’s features. Various test frameworks also support these.

  3. WEB-BASED applications: Mobile native browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, are used to access web apps. These are entirely web-based applications.

Should your test be on a real device or a virtual device?

Real devices provide many values and benefits, but they also have their own set of costs. Simulators and emulators are also helpful and can provide unique value to both developers and testers, but they also have limitations.

An emulator is a desktop application that entirely virtualizes all features of a genuine device, including its hardware and operating system. Simulators do not simulate hardware or operating systems. They enable the user to validate application flows, but only in a simulated production environment.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Hence one needs to decide based on the circumstances and type of testing.

Three tests that need automation at priority:

  1. Unit Test: Unit testing is the quickest type of testing and, as such, should be your top priority for automation. This is because it is easier to find bugs and repair them quickly. These are tests that can be used again and again. The tests are inexpensive to repair, and there are many frameworks available to achieve this independent of programming language.

  2. Testing for Integration: Integration testing, in which we test our interfaces or modules, should also be prioritized. These tests assist us in ensuring that everything is functioning correctly. When integration tests are automated, they run more rapidly and provide us more feedback.

3.Functional Evaluation: There are many tools available to match your development codebase when it comes to functional UI testing. As a result, you must take a proactive approach that prioritizes it. Running those tests will aid in the identification of faulty ones.

Choosing the right tool for Mobile Automation:

  • It is essential to carry out the automation process correctly. Hence you will need such a tool that will best suit your needs. Few key points that must be kept in mind while selecting the right tool are:

  • Understand the project requirements before choosing the tool

  • Assume your existing tool as the benchmark and try to get a tool that is more prominent than the earlier one

  • Leverage the Pugh-matrix for analysis

  • Note if the tool is suitable for the critical aspects of the project. As in, it allows a lot of criteria to be fulfilled.

Conclusion: Mobile automation testing is more complicated than any other form of testing. Since there is a broad range of mobile devices, more functionalities, frequent updates in operating systems, and moreover a wide user base that is difficult to satisfy. Hence it is of great necessity that mobile automation testing be carried out in a prominent way to solve any kind of issue.

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