Here’s how you can travel safely with your children this summer

July 12, 2021

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2020 was a major disaster for everyone. Everything closed down, and no one was allowed outside of their homes. This meant that traveling, even to a local park, was practically impossible. While everyone was affected by this, the age group that was hit the most was little kids. Their summer vacations were canceled completely.

Luckily, the situation is getting better today, with major advancements in vaccination and the number of daily cases dwindling. So, you should put your kids in the Wonderfold stroller wagon and get traveling, right? Well, the situation is better, but the risk of getting infected is still there, especially with the new variants. You can go out with your kids and have a good time; you just need to follow these tips.

Make personal protection fun for kids:

Adults can understand the severity of the situation and why a little bit of inconvenience is worth it in this situation. But, explaining this concept to a naive little child is pretty much impossible. If you tell them that they “need” to wear a mask, they will find a way to not wear it. The only way to convince children is by making this activity fun for them.

Let’s take wearing masks as an example. Instead of handing them a surgical mask, allow them to choose one for themselves. Take them to the mask store and let them choose the color, shape, and design of the mask they want to wear. Additionally, do not discourage them from decorating and personalizing their mask. They are more likely to wear it all the time if they feel any attachment to their mask.

Take them to a natural area:

Most summer vacations end up being in crowded touristy spots like Disneyland and other similar places. This was fine two years ago, but today poses a much larger risk of getting infected. So, instead of these popular spots, take your kids camping in a natural environment. The less-visited an area is, the safer your family is there. Besides, this will be an excellent opportunity for your kids to learn about the natural world and how it functions. Additionally, activities like camping create great bonding moments for families.

Avoid public transportation:

Try to avoid public transit as much as possible. This includes both planes as well as a local transit system. Ideally, you would bring your car. But if the vacation spot is too far to drive, get there by air and rent a car immediately for the duration of the vacation. This way, you can not only go anywhere you want, but your kids will also be safe from the virus.

Final words:

These are a few of the many things you should do to have a safe summer vacation with your children. But these are not all, and covering all of the edge cases is not possible. So, a piece of universal advice is to be a responsible parent and a decent human being. You might have to think extra-hard for everything, but it will be worth it.

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