How much do traffic controllers earn in Sydney?

July 15, 2021

Traffic controller is an employee who monitors the movement of vehicles, as well as receives messages from drivers and customers, carries out documentation. Today this profession is demanded in Australia due to high salaries. Although people working in this area have high responsibility and a large amount of work that the dispatcher must do during the day, all employees of a traffic agency in Sydney are satisfied with their occupation.

Characteristics of the profession

The job of a traffic controller has a number of features:

  1. Though the list of the tasks is impressive, the salary in traffic control agency Sydney is pretty good.
  2. Responsibilities include:
  • reporting;
  • receive incoming / outgoing calls;
  • knowledge of the rules for the carriage of goods and people;
  • knowledge of logistics and traffic rules;
  • knowledge of tariffs for various modes of transport, since the company is engaged in the calculation of routes, works with modern applications for PCs and tablets, corresponding to the use of a dispatcher registration system;
  • car mapping, driver monitoring; time sheet, etc.
  1. Professional education is sufficient to work in this field, although, depending on the company, a person with only secondary education may be employed.

Essential qualities of a traffic controller

Specialists working in a traffic agency in Sydney have to be sociable, responsible and enduring. The qualities of being a leader and working in a team are also important. In most cases, the job demands a lot of patience and nerves. A general list of requirements for a traffic controller includes:

  • Ability to communicate with people.
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of economics and psychology.
  • Computer assembly, contemporary logistics.
  • Basic knowledge of office work, labor protection.
  • Politeness.
  • Punctuality.
  • Correct speech.
  • Good memory.

If you have at least half of them, the traffic control agency in Sydney will be glad to see you in their team!

Benefits of joining traffic agency in Sydney

There are a lot of advantages of being a part of a traffic control service. Firstly, these specialists are paid at a good rate due to the high popularity of this industry in Australia. The salary of a traffic controller depends on the region where he works, education and experience. Experienced professionals receive higher salaries than students or retirees, for example.

Secondly, this job does not always require a higher education. Hence, students or people of retirement age who need a part-time job can apply for the vacancy of a vehicle dispatcher. Moreover, professional traffic controllers can find work both in a city and in a small town. That’s why working in the traffic control agency in Sydney is full of benefits!

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