A Useful Guide for International Students in Portugal

July 30, 2021

Known for its beautiful beaches and world-renowned cuisine, Portugal is a popular destination for tourists and expats across the globe. It is also home to some prestigious universities which have proven hugely popular with international students.

Whether you are new to the student scene or you are planning to study in Portugal, here is a useful guide to what this spectacular country has to offer.


Depending on the type of degree you are after, whether that be a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate, Portugal is home to some incredible universities that can supply you with the education you need. The University of Porto is one of the most known universities in the country and has been ranked highly in past university rankings. It is home to a large community of international students.

Applying toPortuguese universities varies for international students depending on where they come from. A visa will also be required for you to study here. You can find more information online regarding the application process for these universities.


If you choose to study in Portugal, then you can benefit from a low cost of living. Your average cost of a weekly food shop will be low with fairly priced produce. Public transport is also cost-effective, and it won’t cost you much to get around. It is clear to see why it is a firm favourite with students.

Luckily, student housing is also very reasonable across the country. You can find different types of student housing in Porto, someof which are guaranteed to. fita wide range of budgets. Whether you would like a studio, private room or apartment, cities across Portugal can easily provide you with what you need.

Food and Drink

Portugal is well-known for its cuisine. Influenced heavily by Mediterranean cuisine, you can enjoy some of the finest seafood dishes. A meal out in Portugal will not set you back too much. You can enjoy an evening of food and drink at a reasonable price. Like most places, prices will differ depending on the restaurant, so it is recommended you explore and try to find some hidden gems.

This blog post from Authentic Food Quest highlights ten of the most popular dishes that you can enjoy whilst in Portugal. From mouth-watering desserts to tasty soups, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


If it is one thing that students know how to do, it is party! Luckily, there are some fantastic areas for club nightlife so you and your friends can let your hair down after a long day of studying. Partying in Portugal isn’t just restricted to the club. In fact, you can enjoy a dance and a drink on the beach in popular areas like Lisbon. You are certain to find a bar close by and alcohol is fairly inexpensive.

From bustling nightlife to a low cost of living it is clear to see why so many international students choose Portugal as their home during studies. It is always advised you do your research as its various cities are home to some great universities.


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