Experiencing the Dubai Desert Safari

July 30, 2021

“Hills or Beaches?” 

Hey, what about the desert?

The desert is seen as inaccessible, uncomfortable, and even a little extreme. Dubai exits for the sole purpose of proving how erroneous this fact is. The Dubai Desert Safari is unlike any experience you’ve ever had. It’s wholesome and has a rhythmic pace to it. Desert Safari isn’t merely about traveling miles and miles in the sand. It’s about the people you travel with. It’s about the Bedouin culture that you come in close contact with. 

Things to Expect on a Thrilling Desert Safari

The roasted golden sands are nothing like the sand that kids use to make castles on the seaside, nor is it like anything in the mountains. It slips like the time between your fingers. 

Kick-off your shoes and plunge your feet in the sand, feel the warm sand between your wiggling toes. The sands here stare up at the blinding sun with gratefulness in each grain. 

Oh and, fifty bucks that you’ll play the Arabian Nights theme song in your head when you first behold the infinite stretch of sand laying in front of you.

Dune Bashing

The most common and badass way to power through the desert is to go dune bashing. Hop into an SUV behemoth and race across the golden desert. Let the dunes play with your rushing adrenaline levels. The ride is bumpy and will continuously send shocks in your spine and you’ll enjoy it because you’ll be thrilled to the core! Do not forget a cap or a scarf because, trust us when we say that those sands look good as long as they’re in front of you, and not strung into your hair. Does dune bashing look like an activity from the Mountain Dew ad everyone wants to do? Yes, it does.

Camel Rides

After the crazy, turning-your-brain-into-a-milkshake activity, you should go for the typical, calm, and suave camel rides. Camels are sturdy and calm creatures. When you’re riding one, you’ll feel the calmness flow from the leathery brown skin into your soul.

ATV Bike Ride

Quad bikes and ranger dune buggies are two other awesome ways of enjoying the desert sand flying around you as you zip straight ahead. The best part is that you can drive these on your own. Rent a quad bike for an hour or a half and speed away!


Sandboarding is another simple activity that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. It doesn’t require a skill of any kind. You might fall flat with your nose getting buried in the sand the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll drag your board back to the top of the dune and do it again and again until you can’t go back on the top. In the end, you’ll probably be sitting on the sand with some of it in your hair, in your clothes, in your shoes. Sweat would trickle down your spine and your neck and there would be happiness swirling inside you. 

Experience the Bedouin Culture

After entirely scouring the sands in different ways, you’ll be spending a little more time with Bedouin culture as the sun dips low and the air gets a little chilly. Belly dancing and Tanoura are widely popular sources of entertainment here. Watch the beautiful ladies gracefully move their hips with their dresses lined with bright lights that shine and shimmer when they spin on the spot for few long minutes. It’s all so mesmerizing. You see the dress lined with lights being their main prop as you enjoy a barbeque buffet dinner with a cup of Arabic coffee. 

The sands turn brown as the sun fades away, which can be very inviting to couples for a romantic getaway. As the wind silently blows over the dunes with the sun setting low, the day dips into the night.

When you catch your flight to Dubai, a desert safari is an experience you do not want to miss out on. So, if you are an adventure junkie don’t miss out on the Dubai adventure package by Travelxp and reserve your seat right away. 


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