Different Types Of Bonuses In The Casino And How They Work

July 30, 2021

The live casino business is a very competitive sector at the current times. This is because new casinos like beste casino bonus keep emerging every day in Norway, which calls for extra measures to attract new customers and retain the old players. This is the main reason why bonuses exist in the casino. Bonuses are business expenses to the casino.

These expenses must be met in the short run for a chance to gain profits in the long run. However, it is important to note that different casinos offer different bonuses and different terms for the same. According to our expert Kristoffer Haagensen (check profile) here are different types of bonuses in the casino industry and how they work:

No Deposit Bonuses

Among the best bonuses offered by online casinos to Norwegian players is the no deposit bonus. Just as its name suggests, no deposit bonus means that you do not incur any cost to earn it. It means that there is no risk involved in the acquisition of this bonus.

The no deposit bonuses, however, come with terms and regulations that you must accept. This includes an agreement not to play any game above $20 in some casinos. In other casinos, you cannot also earn the bonus if you play slots over $30. The advantage of no deposit bonuses is that they have no expiration date. This means that even if the payout is low, you can accrue the bonus for a long time.

Welcome Bonuses

Most online casinos that are legitimate in Norway offer new players a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is a percentage return expected from your first deposit to the online casino. A welcome bonus can range from 5 to 200% return on your initial investment.

The sole reason why online casinos provide a welcome bonus is to market their online casino. This means that even if they lose money from giving you the free bonus, they will surely reap from it. This is because you will continue playing in the casino where the online casino will regain its money. However, not all welcome bonuses are legit. Luckily, Norwegian players can trust beste nettcasino as it reviews different sites, games, and bonuses to ensure that internet users do not get a raw deal. 

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is the simplest form of bonus that is offered in all major online casinos. For a deposit bonus to be activated, you first need to deposit money to your account. After depositing to your account, the online casino credits your account with an additional value that they set themselves.

Major casinos increase the deposit bonus according to the money you initially deposit in the casino. This means that the higher you deposit to your gaming account, the higher the deposit bonus the online casino offers you. Deposit bonuses unlock the chances of the casino offering you other bonuses. 

Free Spins Bonuses

One of the recommended online casino games for new players is slots. This is because slots do not require any skill to win. Free spin bonuses, in a nutshell, mean a bonus that you do not wager any amount but are given a chance to spin the wheel for as many times as you can. Free spin bonuses give you a chance to participate in the jackpot where you can win a small percentage of it by playing spin to win games. 

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses, in a nutshell, are bonuses designed to appreciate your loyalty to the online casino site by rewarding you some cash. Loyalty bonuses are mainly focused on retaining you as a player in the online casino. Loyalty bonuses are entailed in a loyalty program. The loyalty program offers players a chance to play exclusive games or custom-made jackpot offers to keep them playing in the online casino. Loyalty bonuses accrue over time, and you can use them to play once they accumulate. 

Cashback Bonuses

This is perhaps the most important form of bonus offered in the casino industry. When playing in the casino, you are bound to make losses. A cashback bonus comes as a percentage return on your investment after making a loss. The cashback bonus is offered at mostly 1% of your investment and is credited to your account regularly.

Bonuses offer a win-win situation to both the players and the casino. This is because you gain monetarily while the casino gains by having you as a player. You should take advantage of all bonuses offered by a casino.

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