Four Tips For Caring For Immobile Parents

July 30, 2021

Caring for an immobile parent can be a lot of work. For example, they cannot get around on their own, so you have to make all of the arrangements and take care of them. So, this article will discuss some tips that will help you with caring for your immobile parents.

Make Toilet Assistance Arrangements

Toilet assistance arrangements are one of the most challenging tasks for caregivers. When a person has mobility issues, it can be impossible to safely get them on and off the toilet. Sometimes people with dementia will refuse any help in this area because they have no idea how their body works anymore. Investing in wheelchair accessible vehicles can be a huge benefit if they are not able to move properly or they need additional assistance with basic human activities. 

If you are caring for an immobile parent who needs some extra support in these areas, hire someone from your local community services organization like Meals On Wheels or Home Instead Senior Caregiver Services to cover all bases.

Even before you consider outside help, you can make some adjustments at home, like installing a wheelchair ramp for accessible movement.

Take Care Of Their Hygiene

The first tip for caring for immobile parents is to make sure they have their personal hygiene taken care of. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of taking on this responsibility all by yourself, find out which family members might live close enough and may be able to step in when needed. 

It is going to take some work finding someone who lives nearby that would be willing to help, so give them a heads up before the need becomes an emergency. It would help if you also considered hiring a caregiver. They will come into your home and assist as needed.

Always Change Their Bedding To Prevent Infection

Why it matters: Bacteria live on bedding, clothing, and furniture. When a parent is immobile, they are at high risk for skin infections because they cannot clean themselves or change their clothes often enough to avoid contact with the bacteria. Changing sheets every day prevents this from happening. 

How you can help: Clean the bed, changing sheets and blankets every day. Change their clothes as needed to keep them clean and free from bacteria.

How to do it: Keep the bedding and clothes clean by washing them every day. Clean any furniture or surfaces where you will be changing sheets with soap and hot water, then dry thoroughly before using again. 

Communicate With Them 

If you want your parents to have the best quality of life possible, communication is key. Talk to them about what they need and how many contacts with others are appropriate for their life stage. Try not to be offended if they ask that people stop visiting or calling as often, because it is overwhelming or tiring for them — this is not a sign that they do not love you or care about you!  

Communicate with them and try not to take their requests personally. Instead, ask about their needs periodically, so you know how best to assist. Do not forget socialization; find opportunities like books or music where they feel more comfortable participating in activities and involving mobility.


Do your best to keep them comfortable, especially if they have a condition like arthritis or cancer. Then, consider the above pointers safely to provide proper care to your loved one.

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