9 Vital Things To Know Before You Buy A Bridal Lehenga In 2021

August 5, 2021

Indian weddings are big events. Even if it is not an very high-profile wedding, its budget touches crores.

Fascinated what is it? It is the bridal costume. All eyes will be on the newlywed on wedding day. She must look gorgeous and her wedding dress is essential for the purpose.

We will try our best to help you in choosing best bridal dress. So,here are some useful tips while shopping Bollywood lehenga.

  • Choose it Yourself

The trend in many Indian weddings is, that bride’s close relatives gift her wedding dress. You don’t have to disrespect the tradition. But you can tell them your views on your wedding dress better check out some Bollywood bridal dress and you can go forBollywood lehenga choli online shopping.

As a bride, you want to make sure you like what you will wear on your wedding. Also, you should not put that much pressure on the people buying the dress as now you can buy bridal lehenga online. So, go choose your own bridal lehenga, or saree, whatever you love.

  • Type of Outfit

There are basically two types of traditional outfits for the Indian bride, the saree and the lehenga and the chaniya choli.

The colour of the wedding dress Is very important. You need to make sure it suits your skin tone and personality. Youmake sure you are not buying similar colours for any of the wedding events. Each outfit must be of unique colours and design.

You can go for the classicals colours like maroon, golden, red, and pink. You can go for white with golden detail or you can try new combination of decent colours

  • Fabric

If you have planned your wedding in winters then you can wear any kind of fabric but if you have planned in summers then you need to avoid velvet, thick silk and heavy cloths.

  • The Occasion

You need to dress according to your event. If you want dress for wedding you should try colour combination of dark and lights colours. The mehendi and sangeet outfit needs to be of any colour that suits you and your personality best and balance your brown or orange mehendi. According to us do not go for the very dark colours.  Maintain the balance between colour of your dress and your skin on the day of wedding. Wear something with a lot of poof so that you can get some amazing sangeet night photographs when you spin. The wedding day outfit can be the traditional red or modern. The reception evening outfit needs to be very attractive.

  • Design

Numbers of lehenga and chaniya choli design are available on the internet main difference between those is colour and embroidery.

If you are wearing white or cream, the print should be of bold colours on it. Rajasthani theme costumes needs to have a lot of mirrors. You need to make sure the design is immaculately charming.



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