Four Mind-Blowing Car Adventures To Try During The Pandemic

August 5, 2021

One of the most exciting and terrifying events in recent history is happening right now. For those who are unaffected by the pandemic or have managed to escape it, there may be a lot of enjoyment to be had from watching this global event unfold on TV screens. But for those who cannot afford to stay at home glued to their TVs, there is another option: car adventures.

Drive By A Place You Have Seen In Movies

A lot of the best places to tour are going to be in and around Hollywood, but there are plenty of other great spots worth checking out too. Some favorites include The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles with its large pools that populate one corner, Laurel Canyon’s winding roads where a long list of celebrities have lived over the years, including Frank Sinatra and John Lennon, and Venice Beach Boardwalk on TV shows like Baywatch.

The idea here is not just to hit up these locations because they are popular destinations; it is also about taking a nostalgic drive to places featured in your favorite books, movies, and music.

Go To A Contactless Car Show

At a contactless car show, you can see and touch the newest and classic cars on display, such as The first-ever 2022 Elantra N. It is like being in the first row of an audience at a concert or theater with no crowds to get through! In addition, contactless car shows are free for kids under 12 years old, so it is perfect for families who do not want their children exposed to germs.

The most exciting part of a contactless car show is the variety. You can see cars in every size, shape, and color! You might find a vehicle that you’ve never seen before and learn all about its features. Contactless car shows are open to the public, so if it has been a while since you went out, make sure to stop by your local event! You will be glad you did.

Go On A Wilderness Safari

The wilderness safari is one of the most popular activities to do when visiting Africa or Asia. This is because there are many different animals that you can see, with some being rarer than others, such as the snow leopard.

The idea behind this activity is to get as close as possible to nature and experience what it feels like. You will be able to feel all sorts of different emotions, from happiness when seeing something beautiful for the first time, such as an elephant, to sadness when you don’t see your much-awaited animal. 

So, go on this car adventure before it is too late!

Tour Your Hometown 

Driving through different parts of your town could end up being one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, even amid the pandemic.

You will have a better chance of having the most fun in your town than anywhere else, and you may even run into some old friends or forgotten landmarks on the way.


Do nor let the pandemic ruin your excitement for adventures. Instead, try the above mind-blowing car adventures and make the most of this pandemic.

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