Five Places To Visit In Maldives On Your Holidays

August 5, 2021

The luxurious aura of some places is so enchanting that it makes a lifelong imprint on your brain cells. Spending your holiday in the Maldives is one such experience. The solace and tranquillity that reside in the Maldives’ environment attract almost everyone towards it. The shiny-sandy beaches, most happening underwater world, and splendor of nature altogether make the Maldives a perfect place for fun, as well as adventure. That is not all, the place is equally appreciated by food fanatics due to the palatable Maldivian dishes. The old royal palaces of the Maldives that speak volumes of its history are a great attraction for history enthusiasts. Given all these features, in this article, we have curated a list of five places to visit in the Maldives for an extraordinary holiday experience:

Emboodhu Finolhu Island: The arrangement of water villas in the shape of a flower bud gives a distinct appearance to Emboodhu Finolhu Island. This beautiful site is best observed while you are landing here via a seaplane. Among these deluxe water villas, the Taj Exotica Resort accentuates the overall luxe of this island. The accommodation and amenities provided in the resort are of a 5-star rating that also includes a revitalizing spa retreat. The location of this island is close to the Maldives International Airport, making it easily accessible. To enhance accessibility to the island speedboat services are also available.

Banana Reef: This place is situated in North Male Atoll and is known for the most ancient reefs in the Maldives. Adorned with stunning caves and majestic cliffs, this place is highly appreciated by adventure enthusiasts. Maldives package that focus on exploring the underwater vivid world must include Banana Reef in them. For novice divers, Banana Reef is the best choice due to its calm currents and superior visibility. The depth of diving ranges from 5 meters to as much as 30 meters. As soon as you are submerged in the blue water, you can see the prolific and vivaciously coloured coral beds. The best time for water sports activities at Banana Reef is from May to July when the season is dry and you can explore the underwater flora and fauna without any interruption. Banana Reef is open from 9 AM to 7 PM throughout the week. The other similar kind of location in the Maldives is HP Reef, best known for its rainbow reefs.

Male Island: The capital city of Maldives, Male is equipped to offer an overall Maldivian experience. Dotted with ancient mosques and colourful buildings, the Male Island looks very different from other islands of Maldives. Some of the best restaurants and bars of Maldives are also available in this island city. Being the capital city this island has been the residence of various Royal dynasties and their palaces are a great attraction here. For an adventurous experience, you can enjoy underwater activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling at Male. Even for shopping in the Maldives, no place is better than Male Island.

Vaadhoo Island: The fame of Vaadhoo Island is due to the Sea of Stars phenomena in its water. Under the moonlight, the water of the island glows brilliant blue to give it a mesmerizing appeal. One can easily see the reflection of stars in the water beneath which the waves lap. If you are on a honeymoon then a midnight stroll at the Vaadhoo Island shore could be the best thing you could explore in the Maldives. Some of the best villas of the Maldives with luxury amenities elate your experience of staycation. According to Thrillophilia reviews, this island is recommended for honeymooning purposes.

Majeedhee Magu: There are very few places in the Maldives for street shopping, Majeedhee Magu is one of them. Not only for shopping and sightseeing but also for exploring the culture of Maldives, this is the best place. You can shop for handcrafted items, trendy men and womenswear at this market. To make your journey memorable, you can buy a souvenir from this market. For food lovers, the local delicacies give an entirely new domain of exploring the Maldives. As the location of Majeedhee Magu is in the main market, you can avail a perfect place to stay here at low costs.

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