The Top Things To Look For In A Maldives Tour Package

November 17, 2017

Planning a visit to the gorgeous Maldives? Well, nobody can blame you, because it is one of the best places to spend a vacation in. Think of luxurious villas, pristine waters, soft sand beaches, and natural greenery, and you will feel all ready to start your holiday.

The tropical climate in Maldives means that the weather can be broadly attributed to a dry season and a wet season. The latter, which spans from November to April, is ideal for your trip, because you will not have to miss out on anything because of heavy rain spoiling your plans.

If you are a tourist who loves to explore and go on new excursions every day, then 1,190 islands of the Maldives Archipelago will give you a lot of options. The South Asian island country has some of the best beaches you will ever visit, but you do not have to limit your vacation only to them.

An ideal travel package will not only be reasonably priced, but it will also cover the major attractions of the Maldives. You should be able to spend some time walking through the roads and soaking up the experience instead of just relaxing in your resort. When you book a tour, make sure that the following are included in your itinerary.



Hulhumalé, a reclaimed island, is situated to the south of North Male Atoll. The artificial island was created for practical purposes, which is to support the increasing population in the region. While it may not be the loveliest beach you will see, it is perfect if you are looking for some alone time. It has not come in the public eye yet, which makes it a place where you can relax without any interference.


While it may be small in size, Male’ will give you an idea about the variety of people and attractions available in the Maldives. The Republic Square, in particular, is always busy and you will love walking through the lanes enjoying the sight of people. The place has a number of religious mosques that you must visit cautiously. Check if foreigners are allowed and only then step in or else you might receive a hostile welcome. Male’ is located close to Hulhule, which is why you can visiting it is not much of a problem. You should often visit, because it offers some of the best experiences in the Maldives.

National Museum

The National Museum, which has been constructed in the former Sultan’s Palace, is another great spot for tourists who have interest in history. The museum came into being only after Maldives became a republic and is now preserving precious relics. You will find a wonderful collection of royal items, regal attire, jewelry, sunshades, and even thrones. There are also artefacts from the pre-Islamic age, which are invaluable. You will not have to pay an exorbitant fee to enter. The museum welcomes all tourists with open arms and you will have a wonderful time exploring the history of Maldives.

Hukuru Miskiiy

Hukuru Miskiiy, popularly known as the “Old Friday Mosque”, is one of the best religious places to visit in Male’. Its inception was in 1656, and since then it has been a tourist favorite. While the exterior may mislead you, it is the craftsmanship on the inside that demands attention. The intricate woodwork and gorgeous inlays will be a visual delight for any art lover. The admission is free, but as mentioned before you should get permission before entering as a sign of respect. There are no fixed visiting hours.

Maldives Victory

The Maldives Victory was created in 1981, after it hit a reed ending a voyage. Seeing this sunken boat, however, is no easy task. This popular dive site is paradisical for scuba aficionados who love the challenge. Not only do they get to experience the rich marine life-firsthand, but they also get to declare their own victory over the turbulent waves. The corals and colorful fish are incentives enough to get into the water. It is found near the Hulhule House Reef and you will be able to enjoy its grandeur throughout the year. Do not forget to take a specialist with you as the current can lead to accidents. Check your package for a fully arranged scuba diving trip.

Male’ Fish Market

Looking to get a taste of a Maldivian’s everyday life? Visit the Male’ Fish Market. The fishing industry is one of the most important economic sectors of the nation and this market is its grand epicentre. You will find the place teeming with anglers who sail up and deliver their catch. You will taste delicious tuna here. Find a tour package that will allow you to pick up fresh fish which they will cook for lunch.

Next holiday destination? Maldives! And with the right Maldives tour packages, you have nothing to worry about.

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