My Side Hustle With GoDaddy

November 16, 2017

Thank you GoDaddy for sponsoring this post. Get started on building your own website with GoCentral today!

These days it has become quite ordinary for most people to have a “side hustle.” Extra cash here and there is always welcomed, especially if you are a parent. What is great about a side hustle is that typically it is work that you are passionate about, thus it tends to never feel like work. My side hustle? My photography business!

Much like my blogging career, my photography career came out of nowhere as well. Sometimes it irritates other professional photographers that I had zero training in photography, but I think a “photographer’s eye” is something you are born with and not something that can be learned in a classroom. It is true, that in the beginning I had to “fake it until I made it”, however I quickly learned the basics and upgraded my camera to one of the best out there. I also think the key to being a successful photographer is practice, practice, and more practice. I try to shoot every single day.

Once you have determined what your side hustle is, the very next step should be creating a dynamic website that shows the world what you do and why they should go to you for your services. This is a must! A lot of people tend to be intimidated by the idea of creating a website, however I hope this post clarifies that it is actually incredibly easy and fun to do thanks to GoDaddy’s NEW website builder, GoDaddy GoCentral. This is your one-stop-shop for creating your side-hustle website to get your business out there, all while you are busy raising a family.

Before I became a mom, I had a photoshoot almost every day. Now I shoot about 2-3 times a week and I have already started teaching my son how to take pictures! What is great about a side hustle is that you can make it work for you and your family. That is why I stopped shooting as much, because I wanted to spend more time with my son.

Having said that, I am always looking for new clients and my GoDaddy GoCentral’s website definitely helps with that. With them, you can create a website for your side hustle in under an hour. Can you believe that? There is no need for years of tech experience or even a full weekend to devote to getting it up and running.

Visit GoDaddy and choose GoCentral. You will be able to try it out for thirty days for FREE! This is what the first step will look like:

After you insert basic information a generic template website is instantly created for you. Mine looked like this:

I honestly could not believe how quickly a photography website was amassed for me. Not only that, it looked exactly like something I would want to represent me. GoCentral definitely gives parents a super easy way to get their side hustle online and share it with the world. From built-in email marketing and SEO tools; to the ability to launch a Facebook page with the information from your site; to pre-populated, tailored, professional imagery from Getty images, it has everything you need.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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