HSA Home Warranty vs Home Warranty of America

August 16, 2021

Can you think about a situation in which you find your washing machine suddenly not working a week after shifting to your new home? This is just an instance; many incidents similar to this can happen at any time without any notice.

Such incidents may drain a huge amount out of your wallet. Buying an HSA home warranty can help a homeowner get rid of the financial burden when an expensive home appliance or major device gets damaged or stops working. You need to pay for the warranty in advance, but consider it savings worth the added expenses. 

What is a home warranty?

Many people confuse a home warranty with an insurance policy. It is a service contract designed to pay the cost of repair or replacement of warranted items, such as vital kitchen appliances, plumbing devices, or electrical equipment. It does not cover the windows, doors, or other structures of your home.

The warranty covers only the items, which are in a good state and fail or stop abruptly. Appliances or devices which are faulty cannot be covered by the warranty. Individually, homeowner insurance covers the losses caused by the damage of your home or belongings due to the outbreak of fire, robbery, or other mishaps.

Who needs a home warranty?

For buying a resale home, you should consider a home warranty provided by a renowned company. It becomes a “must-have” for you if your home inspection finds out that several of the home’s appliances and systems have come to their end.

You need to understand the terms and conditions of the home warranty; try to learn how long the coverage will last and what will be included or excluded in the coverage. Home sellers can also take a home warranty into account as such a warranty helps attract potential buyers and increases the net worth of the home.


HSA vs. Home Warranty of America

Many people are curious to know about the differences between the HSA home warranty and the home warranty of America. Both offer 24/7 claim services and comprehensive basic coverage. The pricing of several plans depends on the location and plan type. 

HSA provides standard coverage for damages caused by lack of maintenance, rust, corrosion, water heater sediment, etc. Home Warranty of America, on the other hand, does not include exclusions, even they do not have terms and conditions on their website.

That’s why it is a bit difficult to understand what they include in the warranty and what they don’t include. HSA, through its parent company and home warranty of America, possesses “B” ratings given by Better Business Bureau.

Bottom line

If you are all set to buy a home soon, HSA Home Warranty can provide you with the most comprehensive packages at affordable prices. Even the basic packages cover many items, which are not included in other warranties. 

Experts advise talking to the providers face-to-face or by a call to clear all queries about pricing. HSA coverage is available in 19 states. Therefore, you should check whether the coverage is available in your state or not. Also, checking the inclusions and exclusions before finalizing the contract is a wise decision. 

No matter which warranty you are buying, HSA or home warranty of America, you should invest time in reviewing the contract that defines standard coverage, additional coverage, and upgraded items. You must understand the limitations. Always it may not be required to look for a higher premium for upgraded coverage.

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