How are eco-friendly nappies better than regular nappies? 

August 23, 2021

Being a parent to a newborn is as much difficult as it is joyous. For every purchase, you have to be calculative and thoroughly thought about. From nappies to wipes and clothes, you have to be sure about every baby product you buy because it is just not about how the product looks or feels but more than that — it’s about comfort, hygiene, and beyond. Talking particularly about nappies, there is one thing you can never go wrong with — its eco-friendly nappies. 

If eco-friendly diapers seem like an alien term, it is because it’s relatively new and not a lot of the general population have heard about it. To quickly describe it — eco friendly nappies are everything the name says. They are 100% organic and made from natural elements which include non woven bamboo fibers. But who are these nappies better than the regular nappies that have been around for decades? 

Well, it’s quite simple. For starters, because organic wipes are natural, they don’t harm the environment. So, you can get rid of the guilt that you might feel throwing away a regular wipe that’s not biodegradable. You can use organic wipes and throw them away without giving a second thought about harming nature. In addition, the nonwoven bamboo fibers that are used to make these nappies are also highly effective in providing your baby a better means of comfort. They make the wipe stronger and provide it much-enhanced durability. 

Following this, you should also know that the nappies are odorless. Generally, regular nappies have some kind of order, it can be good or bad but it’s there. Not with natural nappies, they do not have a smell. So, there is one less reason for your baby to get annoyed while you wonder why? 

Overall, it boils down to the price. No matter how effective a nappy is because you are going to use it often, price becomes an important factor. But, there are several online brands with a reputation for providing natural nappies at an effective price point. As opposed to the big labels, you can choose a small mom-and-pop shop whose prices and nappies are both comfortable and reliable in the short and long run. Yes, eco-friendly nappies can be a little costly, but, when you compare them with the many advantages, you would not consider the price to be an issue. 

At the end of the day, the lack of toxic elements in inorganic nappies can not just harm the environment but also your little one. Whereas, eco-friendly nappies are a no-brainer. It is not only good for your baby but for nature too. So, if you haven’t picked a brand yet, there is no harm in trying eco-friendly nappies. If you do, choose a trusted seller that guarantees natural baby products. Consider on-time delivery and if you and your baby like the nappy, order in bulk and save more when shopping online for the right store. All the best! 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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