How To Steep E-juice

August 23, 2021

Steeping is commonly practiced among vapers to ensure that they can enjoy better vape juice flavors and for them to enjoy the best vape session possible for them. Several methods can be used for steeping an e-juice. Some can be slow yet effective and some are fast. Some are more popular than others.

What is steeping?

Steeping a vape liquid is a means to age the e-juice. This is intended to eliminate bottled tastes and alcohol content which can be volatile. Through steeping, the nicotine, flavorings, VG/PG base are mixed. This oxidizes the juice, removing the alcohol content in the process. Through oxidation, and removal of oxygen, the color of the e-juice becomes dark.

You must know that there is such a thing as a pre-steeped vape e-juice. This is a vape juice that has already been steeped by its vape juice Canada manufacturer. There is no need to steep it.

Why is it important to steep the e-juice?

There are three major reasons for steeping the e-juice. Sometimes, you can enjoy a greatly improved e-juice flavor whether it is a menthol vape juice or a less traditional one when you allow it to sit and breathe. The less-costly varieties of e-juice can benefit a lot through the steeping. When you have a DIY vape liquid, by allowing the e-juice to sit and breathe a little more, you can achieve a smoother and mellower e-juice flavor. For others who like to experiment with different flavors, waiting and allowing the concocted e-juice to aerate can give you a more interesting vape juice flavor.

How do you steep an e-juice?

You have to bear in mind that the steeping process is highly subjective. This is because each person has a taste of his own particularly in terms of strength. Every person has his tolerance level for throat hit. One person may prefer quick steeping while some may want to follow the slow method for a much longer time. The differences in flavors and ingredients can add complexity to the entire process. The technique here is to follow the basic time guidelines and steps in the method used.

What are the two general steeping methods?

There are two general methods for steeping. These are slow steeping and accelerated steeping methods. Slow steeping is a simple method to follow. A lot of users say that the great flavor is worth the wait. All you need is a cool and dark place for storing your e-juice, where they will be left to breathe on their own. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight or heat since this can ruin the flavors. Try to check whether it will be better to close the cap or remove it and allow the liquid to aerate. Make sure to shake the bottle once or twice a day. Check the bottle after a week. Fruit and menthol vape liquids don’t usually need more time to steep. Tobacco and dessert flavors may benefit a lot from steeping for four weeks. When it comes to creams, custards, and more complex dessert flavors, a lot of users reported that its quality improves after two to three months of steeping the liquid.

Accelerated methods use a heat source for speeding up the steeping process. There are various ways for you to do this. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner. Some people reported that mixed warm and cold cycles must be used. Some of the most common methods that use heat are the following: warm bath method, slow cooker method, and rice method.

For the warm bath method, put water and bottles in a pan. Don’t boil or heat it. You can shake the bottles once or twice. Allow the liquid to steep for five hours then check the bottles afterward. For the slow cooker method, the easiest way to do this is to fill this with warm water, turn this low, then immerse the bottles. Make sure that all the bottle lids are tightly sealed. For fruit flavor e-juices, you may steep them for 30 minutes more before you get to check them. A menthol flavor can steep for an hour while other flavors may need up to four more hours of steeping. The rice method, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of ways. The idea behind this is to heat some rice and surround the vape liquid bottles with this. You may opt to microwave the rice using a mug. This may require you to reheat this if the vape liquid requires more steeping for several hours. You may keep a microwave-safe mug or have a bowl of rice set on a candle warmer or maybe a coffee mug warmer. Allow the liquids to steep for around 8 hours. This is because the rice is not as hot as the microwave oven. Make sure that all the bottles are surrounded by rice.

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