Eight Steps On How Can I Secretly Listen To Music

September 1, 2021

Some things are so boring, but you have to attend them physically; however, you can enjoy that time. How can I secretly listen to music so time can pass fast? Read on to know the eight steps that will help you listen to music covertly.

Eight Steps To Listen To Music Secretly

Follow these steps to know how can I secretly listen to music:

1.   Use a Small Music Player

Firstly, select music source devices wisely, because they are very bulky and difficult to hide, and you cannot take traditional players anywhere.

So, take an iPhone or tablet that is very sleek and small in size thus can be hidden easily in books or pockets.

2.   Choose Earbuds

You cannot hide headphones, so take airpods or earbuds, which are very small in size, and you can camouflage them with your hair. But never choose a contrasting color.

If you have dark hair take black or dark brown earbuds because your hair will cover them fully, and they will not be visible very much. However, if you have light hair, do not use dark color hand frees.

It is crucial for such people to buy white or any light color earbud because they will match your air, and no one can detect you are wearing a hair device.

3.   Be Alert

Never increase volume to the highest level because then you cannot hear any voice from the surrounding. Thus you will not be able to respond to the call of the other persons, and it will indeed create doubt in their mind that you are sitting physically, but mentally, you are somewhere else.

So, you must reduce the volume to the level at which you can hear the voices from the surroundings and understand what people are talking about around you.

4.   Must Check The Volume Level

Sometimes we think that volume is low, but it is very high, and people around us can hear the voices of music. So remove the earbuds from your ears and hold them at a distance.

Now, if you can listen to the voices of music, it means you need to low the sound, but if you cannot hear anything, put them in your ears and enjoy music.

5.   Hide Your Earbuds

Go to the washroom and see yourself in the mirror. Now set your hair and hide earbuds. If you are using Bluetooth headphones, they are easy to hide; all you have to do is set your hair. Truly, hidden headphones for work might just be the easiest way!

But if you have very short hair light that you cannot even hide your earbuds with them, buy a cap which covers your ears. Moreover, you can use any other item that covers the hair.

Now it comes to the wire, which is very long, so you cannot hide it easily. Pass it through your shirts, take it out from the sleeves and then put them in your ears.

But if your shirt does not have collars, take the wire out of the sleeves, pass from the back of the ears, and put earbuds in the ears by turning the wire from the upper side.

Wires will be visible in tight clothes, so always wear roomy clothes for hiding wires and listening to music secretly.

6.   Sit Away From People

Never sit in the crowd of people to listen to music secretly. Sit at a distance from them, so you do not have to interact with most people.

 But if you want to sit with other fellows, sit among those people, which are your friends and will not create significant issues by telling everyone that you are listening to music.

7.   Do Not Dance And Sing With The Music

When we listen to music, sometimes unconsciously we start moving our part parts on the rhythms of the music moreover some people also sing its lyrics. If you dance and sing in the class, obviously it looks weird.

So do not be so immersed in the music but have control over your mind, so neither move your body nor sing its lyrics. But sit casually and behave like you are not listening to anything.

8.   Communicate With Your Nearby People

Do not be so indulged in music that you cannot respond to people talking to you. Pay a tiny amount of attention to them and must speak with them after a short interval.

You will not look rude moreover no one will doubt that you are listening to music. Keep in mind while talking, speak casually.

Two Best Invisible Earbuds

Following are the tinniest and easy-to-hide earbuds, thus will help you listen to music covertly:

  • NENRENT S570 Bluetooth Earbud

They have such color that no one can catch that you are wearing something in your ears. Moreover, they are so lightweight that you will not feel tired and do not give wired looks.

Best of all, they are wireless thus you need no worry about the clothes you have to wear as it has no wires and earbuds can be easily hidden with hair. Moreover, they do not leak sound.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds By Erligpowht

These earbuds have a very comfortable, light structure; moreover, they have an ergonomic design that easily fits in ears; hence you will not have to set them after few minutes.

They are noise-reducing; thus, your surrounding nose will not disturb you, but you will hear what people are speaking so you can respond to them.

Final Words

You have to follow a few steps for listening to music secretly, like never increasing volume very much, buying earbuds matching your hair color, and having a small size.

Moreover, Bluetooth headphones are easy to hide. If you still fear that you may be caught, get in touch with us in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!

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