Four Health Issues That Affect Elderly People

September 16, 2021

Many illnesses and diseases are age-related and it is normal for elderly people to develop health issues. The good news is, most chronic health issues can be treated with modern medicine and procedures. Being aware of common health risks will help you protect yourself and your loved ones. With that in mind, here are four health issues that affect elderly people:

1. Dementia 

Dementia is a widespread health condition and more than 5 million people in the US are living with age-related dementia, according to BrainTest. Contrary to popular belief, dementia can affect people of all ages and is not a natural part of aging. However, it is much more likely to affect seniors and many people develop dementia in their later years. 

The symptoms of dementia include memory loss, confusion, and difficulty carrying out daily tasks. There is no cure for dementia, although lots can be done to improve the lives of those living with the condition. For instance, regular social interaction and mind games have been shown to improve memory and mental health in people with dementia. 

2. Cataracts 

Statistics show that around 90% of people over the age of 65 develop cataracts. Cataracts are rarely dangerous, but they can cause vision loss over time and be unsightly. Fortunately, modern cataract surgery can replace the affected lens via a minor surgical procedure. 

One of the major benefits of cataract surgery is improved vision and many patients also report an increase in self-esteem and overall quality of life. Lots of people have clearer vision after surgery and no longer require the use of glasses.  

3. Arthritis 

Arthritis is another common health issue that develops in elderly people. The condition can affect various parts of the body including the spine, knees, hips, and hands. Arthritis is a painful condition that can limit mobility and make daily activities like walking and driving extremely difficult. In most cases, the symptoms of arthritis advance and worsen as a person gets older. 

Treatment for arthritis can include pain medication, surgery, and lifestyle changes. Regular physiotherapy sessions can also improve the range of movement and reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Certain supplements may also help. For example, a glutathione IV in New Orleans or IV therapy in Bel Air may help improve the symptoms of arthritis.

4. Hearing Loss

Hearing loss increases with age and over 70% of people aged 70 and over have some form of hearing loss. Hearing loss can range from minor to severe and it can affect either one or both of the ears. In some situations, hearing loss can be resolved with a quick medical procedure. For example, ear wax removal can instantly improve hearing if there is a build-up of wax in the ear canal. More serious hearing loss may require surgery or hearing aids. 


Medicine has come a long way and many chronic health issues can now be resolved or improved with the help of specialist treatment. Understanding age-related health risks will help seniors stay healthy and fight common illnesses and diseases. If you think that you or a loved one has any of the health issues described above, then contact your doctor for advice. 

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