5 Glamorous Dresses to Outshine Parties

September 20, 2021

Having lived in quarantine for the past two years, searching for the perfect outfit for a party can be a difficult task. With the motto of today’s generation being less is more, choosing outfits from the wardrobe of influencers or celebrities can be overwhelming. 

If you don’t know what to buy next, then here are five glamorous dresses to outshine parties. Checkout stevieandalice.com, from white party dresses to body-fit beautiful outfits, they have some unique and timeless outfits that can give you confidence and glamour like no other.

  • Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses (also called body-confidence dresses) are tight-fitting, figure-hugging outfits designed to show off women’s curves. These outfits are designed without any shaping or support for your figure. These are designed for women who are incredibly unapologetic about themselves and their bodies. Confidence is the number one accessory you need while wearing a bodycon dress. Since Bodycons are made of thing stretchy materials, wearing a camouflage undergarment is necessary. Bodycon dresses are Hollywood’s all-time favorites. 

From Beyonce to Kim Kardashian, everyone has worn them either at an award show or a red carpet. When worn at a party, these clothes have a great power to accentuate your entire look immensely. 

  • Ballgowns 

A ball gown should be your go-to outfit to wear when you want to make an entrance and entice the entire room. Even though ball gowns are mostly considered cut-off shoulders, plunging necklines, and bouffant-styled skirts, Ballgowns have a lot more variety in them. From Princess Silhouette Dress, which has a prominent pouffy skirt, to Mermaid Silhouette, a long straight gown till calves that flares into a wides skirt, Ballgowns is the perfect outfit for fancy events. Ballgowns have a lot of cultural values worldwide, from wedding dresses to Prom Nights. 

From Priyanka Chopra’s wedding rehearsal dinner to Ariana Grande’s Grey Ball Gown at Red Carpet, ball gowns have turned into great outfits as white party dresses that can never go out of fashion and still make jaws drop. 

  • Pencil  Dresses

Pencil Dresses are basically slim-fitting skirts that are tightly fitted at the waist with their hem touching the knee. Pencil Skirts have no frill or flounce. Major worn as an office outfit, pencil skirts are also a great way to impress someone. Pencil dresses can be a great party outfit by switching things a little, like opting for a plunge neck or a turtle neck can. Pencil skirts are modest and flattering with a little bit of an edge. A Pencil Dress is the ultimate all-in-one attire. No matter the occasion or party, a pencil dress can be a great choice of outfit, hands down. 

  • Asymmetrical Dresses

When confused if the event you are attending is a form or casual, asymmetrical dresses should be your go-to outfit. An asymmetrical attire comes in all shapes and forms. Sometimes it is long in the back and short at the front, and other times it has one side shorter than the other. 

Sometimes one side has a long sleeve and the other side sleeveless or other times a knee-length slit on aside. Asymmetrical garments come in many variations often called high low or waterfall dresses. Asymmetrical outfits may look super edgy and stylish, but the variety in them allows you to choose an outfit for yourself that matches your level of modesty and crazy.

  • Bandage Dresses

Bandage Dresses are often confused with bodycon dresses, but bandage dresses are tight-fitting clothes that hug you in a way that supports your curves and controls the bulges. They are made from relatively heave bandage fabric that is more durable and offers you a smooth shapely perfection. Bandage dresses are also one of the most versatile party dresses. From a casual coffee date to a night at a club, it can be worn anywhere. 


These timeless outfits have created one of the most admired fashion trends of all time. Using the right accessories to accentuate the looks of these outfits can make you feel confident and beautiful. Fashion and Style are about the expression of thought, so choose your perfect outfit and tell your story with it.

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