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September 21, 2021


Choosing any fashion accessory can be a very challenging task. This fact is especially true for hats. When you are thinking about womens hat styles, you need to keep in mind that there are several choices out there. With every hat style, there are several considerations for you to factor in before making the purchase. You can make the right choice if you make your decision based on these parameters.

In the following section, we will take a look at some of the hat selection guidelines.

All the hat information you need

For a modern woman in 2021, it is all about the comfort and chic factor. It is never one or the other; it is always both. So, as a general rule of thumb, you should look for a hat that satisfies both the stipulations. If your goal is to stand out among the crowd, you need to follow a set of guidelines by our fashion experts to make the right choice with your hat selection.

The face shape

The very first factor when it comes to deciding a hat style is quite obviously the face shape. There is a particular style for every kind of face shape out there as far as hats are concerned. All you need is to inspect your face type visually; long, oval, round-shaped, square, or heart-shaped. Once you have a clear picture of the shape of your face, all you need to do is choose a hat type based on your features. Remember that a perfect choice will allow you to showcase your features while masking the flaws.

Here are some of the hat choices based on your face shape.

Round face

If you have rounded facial features, keep in mind that you will look the best in tall crowns. Any hat style that brings out the roundness of your face is a strict no! Create the right impression with a straight brimmed high crown hat. If you feel a lack of inspiration and confidence, slant the hat to a side. It will make you look edgy and in line with contemporary trends.

Long face

For oblong faces, the exact opposite to the earlier option applies. If you have a long-featured face, you should go for a hat choice with low crowns and broader brims. Some of the more popular hat styles, including the Fedora and Panama, have low crowns and moderate to wide brims. To mask the oblong feature, you can also choose a Top hat to balance out a broad forehead while bringing attention to your most flattering features. To carry a Top hat the right way, all you need is a bit of confidence. Once you feel ready, go out in the world and start turning heads everywhere you step in.

Square faces

For women with square faces, there are plenty of styles out there. What is more interesting is that a “squared” look means there is more room for experimentation. You need to understand that you need a hat to provide a more rounded appearance to your square jawline. To blunt the sharpness, you can try super chic options like the Fedoras, Sun hats, and the Cowboy hats. Other uncommon yet trendy options like the Beret can be a great addition to your closet as well.

Your facial dimensions

Once you are done with the shape of your face, you might need to take a few measurements to make the selection precise. Start by measuring your forehead, as that will determine the hat size. Then use a tape measure to get the accurate numbers for the length of the eyebrow to the chin, the jawline, and the length of the cheekbones. Keep in mind to write down all the measurements for future reference. It will give you an idea about what size to look for.

Choose a complementary hat style

Going for a popular style just for the trend factor is a strict no, and you should keep this in mind at all times. Remember that what is popular might not suit your face and overall dressing style. So, forget about the popular choices and get down to trying a few selections while choosing the right hat style. Do factor in your personal preference but don’t stray away from the styles that work for your facial features and dimensions.

According to our fashion and apparel/accessory experts, making the right fashion choice is dependent on a few factors. Chief among them are the comfort factor, the trend, and the practicality. The best way to satisfy all three simultaneously is to choose based on your facial features. Take note of your facial dimensions, size as well as shape. Take care and all the best! Remember, making an informed choice will ensure overall value and actual use of your hat.

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