Top 4 Tips to buy Travis Scott shoes

October 21, 2021

When you want to select the perfect shoe for your feet, you may find things complicated. You not only have to pay attention to the size but also the comfort level and durability. Also, you need to make sure that the shoe you select goes well with your outfit. Travis Scott shoes are popular when it comes to size and comfort.

If you want to purchase the right pair of Travis Scott shoes, you can find endless numbers of options. However, before you go ahead, it is vital to know a few tips to choose the right shoes. So, in this guide, we will share a few tips to buy Travis Scott shoes.

How to buy Travis Scott Shoes?

Check the construction of the shoe:

Before purchasing a Travis Scott shoe, the construction needs to be examined properly. Check the materials with which the shoe is made up of. Although the new Travis Scott shoes are always constructed in a way that the durability remains intact.

Check the top of the shoes, which is called the upper. Also, check the tongue, insole, midsole, laces, or eyelets of the shoes. Also, make sure that the material feels durable.

Make sure that your shoe protects your feet:

Ensure that the sole of your Travis Scott shoe protects you when you step on any sharp objects. If your shoe has a flimsy and thin sole, stepping on any sharp object can lead to serious foot injuries. Instead, choose a sturdy and thick sole.

The Travis Scott shoes’ soles are stitched to the upper to improve the quality of the shoes, and the soles are hard as well.

Focus on the fitting of your shoe:

For testing, if your selected shoes fit your well or not, walk around a bit in the store. Wiggle your toes to ensure that the shoes are not too tight or small. Also, pay attention to whether your Travis Scott shoes slip off your heels when you walk or feel tight. Choose a shoe that assists the arch of your feet.

Select shoes that you feel comfortable while wearing right from the beginning. There is nothing to worry about the shoes’ number. If you feel that the shoe is too tight, try a bigger size, even if it is bigger than the normal size that you wear. Make sure that the Travis Scott dunk shoe you select cushions your feet, and you feel comfortable right from the beginning.

Choose the correct size:

It is very important to choose the correct size. You should ask your salesperson to measure the width and length of the shoes. Or else, if you are purchasing Travis Scott Jordan 1 shoes online, you can do it yourself as well. Although, Travis Scott recommends you to buy a size bigger than you usually wear.

The fact is that foot size changes with time. Factors like pregnancy and weight gain can lead to the need to purchase a larger shoe size. And most of the time, the changes are permanent. So, always measure both of the feet.


While selecting a shoe, do not forget about the setting. If you work in slick conditions or bad weather, choose slip-resistant Travis Scott shoes. On rough terrains, go for the sturdy boots, and if you are a sporty person, choose athletic shoes. For casual activities, go for sneakers. Whenever you buy a shoe, prioritize your comfort the most.


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